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Architectural Plans, Drawings, and Maps

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Sanborn Map Company, numbered 5. Map titled "Great South Bay"; Bayport, N.Y. Jan. 1938

Sanborn Map Company, other part of BBH_000862's map

Second floor plan of an unidentified building

First floor plan of an unidentified building

County of Suffolk, Department of Public Works. Blueprints projects 8735, March 1987, page 1. Basement floor blueprints

Page 2, first floor blueprints

Page 3, second floor blueprints

Page 4, third floor blueprints (end of packet)

"SP 2 - First Floor"

"SP-3 Second Floor"

"SP 3 - Third Floor" (end of packet)

HVAC 1, John F. Hansen, R.A (architech). Project 8735, March 31, 1987, County of Suffolk Department of Public Works (beginning of packet)

"HVAC 2 Basement"

"HVAC 3 Second Floor South"

"3rd Floor South HVAC 4"

"HVAC 5- Heating Sys (system) & air cond., Second Floor North" (end of packet)

"Map of two districts considering consoldation"; Bayport and Bluepoint

"Town of Islip amended Zoning Map, Suffolk County, New York, Sayville + Bayport, March 1936"

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