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St. Paul's Photographs

Object Type: Folder
In Folder: Garden City Historical Society

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 Field in foreground, one story buildings in middle ground, and buildings with steeples and chimneys in background

 Standing man in priest attire and sitting woman in front of fireplace. Front of GAR_000364


 "St. Paul Sigillum" stamp. "St Paul's 1962 Sigillum" written in pencil. Other notes in pencil. Back of GAR_000363


 Portrait of man with glasses in priest attire in front of ornate picture frame. Front of GAR_000366

 "Platnick's Photo Service" stamp. Back of GAR_000365

 Group portrait of men in robes, two rows, one sitting and standing in front of brick wall with ivy and on carpet

 Young men and boys in sports coats in library room reading books at tables or standing. Front of GAR_000369

 "Photo by William M Rittase" stamp. "5487" stamp. Other notes in ink. Back of GAR_000368

 Group photo of basketball team, three rows, sitting and standing on basketball court. Boy in middle of middle row is holding basketball. Coach standing in middle of top row. Front of GAR_000371


 "Proof" stamp. "1939" in pen. Back of GAR_000370


 Constitution of Saint Paul's Congress I

 Constitution of Saint Paul's Congress II

 Constitution of Saint Paul's Congress III

 Constitution of Saint Paul's Congress V

 Constitution of Saint Paul's Congress VI

 Caption on image reads "St. Paul's School Football Team: Garden City, Long Island. By Burr McIntosh" Front of GAR_000378


 Caption on image reads "Near Lake Ontario. By Burr McIntosh." Back of GAR_000377


 Group photo of football team in sweaters, three rows, sitting and standing in front of brick building. Young man in middle of middle row holding a football that reads "1901"


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