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St. Paul's Photographs

Object Type: Folder
In Folder: Garden City Historical Society

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 Group photo of football team in uniforms, four rows. Caption reads "St Paul's Varsity '39. McQuaid." Front of GAR_000381


"Proof" stamp. Other notes in pencil. Back of GAR_000380

One story brick building with two figures walking in front, two cars parked on left of image. Front of GAR_000383

 "Kenneth R. Sanderson, Inc" stamp. Back of GAR_000382

 Seven boys sitting in room reading, two in armchairs, one on couch, four in wooden chairs around table in center of room. Front of GAR_000385

 "Platnick's Photo Service" stamp. Back of GAR_000384

 Image of fireplace with painting hanging on wall above, two candle sticks on either side of mantle, two chairs on either side of fireplace. Front of GAR_000387

 Notes in pen. Back of GAR_000386

 Young men in uniforms sitting in cafeteria with empty plates posing for photo. GAR_000389

 "Platnick's Photo Service" stamp. Back of GAR_000388

 People sitting in bleachers and standing near field. Figures in football uniforms on left of image. Bleachers with confederate flag on right of image. Building visible on left of image in background. Front of GAR_000391

 "Platnick's Photo Service" stamp. Back of GAR_000390

 One story building with two cars parked in front facing the camera. Steeple visible in over top of trees in background. Front of GAR_000393

 "Basil Smith Photoengraving corp" form pasted to back of photo. Back of GAR_000392

 Three young men sitting on couch and one sitting in chair on right of image. Three young men on couch wearing uniform jackets and holding books. Front of GAR_000395

 "P60" written in ink. Back of GAR_000394

 Theodore Roosevelt standing in center of group of men. Wooden beams on left of image, and flag hanging over door to building on right. Front of GAR_000397

August 19, 1910

 "Print Record Doubleday, Page & Co. Teddy Roosevelt at Laying of Corner Stone" stamp and written in ink. Back of GAR_000396

August 19, 1910

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