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Gregory F. Burke Collection Part 2

Object Type: Folder
In Folder: Garden City Historical Society

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 View of a dirt expanse. Three wagons on the left next to a car. Horses in the distance on the right, buildings beyond. Caption "Hempstead High School Job, May 1st, 1920"

May 1, 1920

 View of a broad, domed building with a flagpole on the pediment. An unoccupied car parked in front on a dirt road. Front of GAR_000205.

 "Mineola County Courthouse" Back of GAR_000204.

 A wide, light, wood sided building above a covered walkway. Many windows fill the side of the building. Sign reads "…Grand Central Hotel" Front of GAR_000207

 "Grand Central 1908" in pencil. Back of GAR_000206.


 Snowy scene of a path in the middle of the image, snow-topped trees on either side. A pole at the left.

 A reflective body of water in the foreground, a low hanging tree beyond. A man in a dark suite with a camera on the bank on the right side.

 Image of a tree lined road with a low, picket fence in front of them. A bell tower above the treetops towards the left side. Corners have decorative curve framing the image. Front of GAR_000211

 "St. George Church Front St." Back of GAR_000210

 Corner of two tree lined roads. American flags suspended between tree trunks and a short, picket style border along the sidewalk. "Frank M. Kitchell" stamp. Front of GAR_000213

 "N.W. Cor. Fulton & Franklin St." "Hutchison" "Frank M. Kitchell, O.D." stamp. "William L Kitchell" stamp. Back of GAR_000212.

 View from the corner of two roads, a tree filled lot with a house nearly hidden beyond the road. Two signs note the speed limit.

 Dark clothed figures in the upper, middle portion of the image standing above what appears to be rubble. A hand cart with a barrel sits in the middle foreground. Buildings border the scene at left and in the background. Front of GAR_000216

 "March 10th 1890" "June 22 1888 Skating Rink" Back of GAR_000215

 A page bordered by grass and bushes in the foreground and increasingly dense trees in the background. "Photo by Alex"

 Image with trees on the right and dense foliage throughout. A small creek at the right side of the image. Portions of structures visible through vegetation throughout.

 A large, broad topped tree with a small bush on the ground in front of it. A dirt road wrapping around the tree and surrounding area. Dense trees in the background. "Photo by Alex"

 An angled view of leafless, thick-trunked trees arranged in a line. Two figures to the left of the trees on a leaf strewn path, one pushing a cart. Houses on the right side of the image. Front of GAR_000220

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