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Gregory F. Burke Collection Part 2

Object Type: Folder
In Folder: Garden City Historical Society

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 "…Street looking north towards Fulton" Back of GAR_000219

 A square stoned walking path situated between two sections of flowered plants. A house in the distance on the left. "Photo by Alex"

 Broad expanse of grass, probably a golf course. filling the lower two-thirds of the image. A sand trap with flag towards the middle of the image and trees in the background.

 A grassy field with a water sprinkler at the middle left. A prominent tree at the right side and multiple trees in the background at left. "Photo by Alex. Front of GAR_000225

 Handwritten note in pen. Illegible. Back of GAR_000224

 Street with sign for Southern State Parkway. Group of people chopping trees. Cars on street outside building. Front GAR_000227


 "S. W. Fulton and Franklin St Hockinson Ford Agency" written in pen. "1925" written in pencil. Back of GAR_000226

 Street lined with trees and hedge. House somewhat visible in background. "Photo by Alex"

 Building with tall clock tower visible behind trees. Street with tracks on bottom right. Cars and other buildings in distance. "Photo by Alex." Front of GAR_000230

 "Town Hall Front" written in pen. Other writing illegible. Back of GAR_000229

 Two girls in white dress standing over small river or stream by a tree.

 Dirt road covered with leaves leading through wooded area.

 Small building on right side of image. Willow on left side. "Photo by Alex"

 Man driving horse drawn carriage with child sitting in the front and woman in dress sitting in back.

 Pond with stone wall at edge of the water. House with porch railing visible through the trees. "Photo by Alex"

 Oval framed image of street lined with trees and picket fence. Tower visible over tops of the trees. Front of GAR_000237

 Illegible writing written in pen. Back of GAR_000236

 Body of water lined with trees with water tower visible over the tops of the trees. "Photo by Alex"

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