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Gregory F. Burke Collection Part 2

Object Type: Folder
In Folder: Garden City Historical Society

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 Sand beach with small building and several figures standing on far shore. Front of GAR_000240

 "H. Lake State Park" written in pen. Back of GAR_000239

 Small house on far side of street behind picket fence. Tire tracks in dirt on near side of street

 Street lined with trees with house and car visible at end of street. "Photo by Alex"

 Flowers growing on fence. Garage doors on left side of image. Other houses visible in background. Front of GAR_000244

 "Cathedral Ave" written in ink. Back of GAR_000243

 View across golf course. Flag on green visible in background. Flowers across foreground and tree on left side of image. "Photo by Alex"

 Building with curved driveway. Man in uniform sitting in to the left of the door. Front of GAR_000247

 "Cherry Valley Golf Club? G. C." written in ink. "Alex photographer Hempstead NY" stamp. Back of GAR_000246

 Building with two chimneys and golf green with flag in foreground. Front of GAR_000249

 "Cherry Valley C. C." written in ink. Back of GAR_000248

 Street corner with ivy covered walls with lamps on top. House visible in background

 View down street with buildings on both sides. Image is blurry. Front of GAR_000252

 "Main St." written in ink. Back of GAR_000251

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