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"Roslyn, L.I., July 1911 and Newport Harbor." Kitty Schermerhorn, Frances B. Godwin, Elizabeth Love Godwin, Frederick M. Godwin, H. Marquand and others on houseboat and yacht. Captions: "Kitty Schermerhorn, Tiny [Frances B. Godwin], Reggie Waterbury and F.M.G. [Frederick M. Godwin] Top of house boat"; "Would be sunset at Port Jefferson, L.I. from yacht 'Whim'"; "K.S., L.G. [Elizabeth Love Godwin], R.K.W., and F.M.G. on house boat"; "H. Marquand on 'Whim'"; R.K. Waterbury - ditto"; "F.M.G. and Al Noël. Ditto."


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