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Cedarmere Loose Photos

Object Type: Folder
In Folder: Friends of Cedarmere

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Woman in hat with two dogs.

Dog in snow with front paws raised up on pile of snow.

Road plowed of snow with telephone poles.

Man sitting outside on chair with dog on lap. On verso "42".

Woman standing outside with dog in her arms. On verso "42". Small tear on right side of image.

Woman in hat lying on grass. On verso "72". Small tear on right side of image.

Family of four with two dogs sitting on porch.

Nine people on porch with a dog. On verso, "Murphy & Farrar, Augusta GA, 195".

Two women in hats on deck of house. Man partially seen in forefront of image. "Murphy & Farrar, Augusta GA, 195".

Birdbath in garden in front of house.

Flowers by the side of a lake.

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