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Envelope from 'Joe & Karen Plescia'

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Handwritten note: “Joe & Karen Plescia have a large collection of my F.I. Paintings. 7 north McConnell Ave., Bayport, NY 11705-1249. 631-472-4938, 631-463-5511 cell."

Handwritten note from Ferron beginning “Parties GUSTAVO NAVOAS…”

Color photograph of tattered flag on flag pole.

Verso of image PIN_000992 Handwritten text: "Lloyde Hensons Freedom Flag C.G. 1973


Color photograph of man in red dress holding a red umbrella. People in swimming trunks in background.

Color photograph of man in silver bikini outfit. American flag in background.

Color photograph of crowd by text and docked boats in harbor.

Verso of image PIN_000996 Handwritten text: "Tea 1978, 1980??"

Color photograph of view looking down into a crowd of people.

Color photograph of restroom and urinals decorated with silver trim.

Color photograph of white mushroom on the ground.

Color photograph of man seated by a harp in the woods.

Verso of image PIN_001001 Handwritten text: "Harpist on bridge of 'Sighs' CG 1973"


Color photograph of wooden house on the beach.

Color image of wooden house superimposed on a cut piece of wood.

Image of building behind grass.

Color photograph of two men posing for the camera. Man on left wearing red with a large red hat with feathers and fruit. Man on right covered with sheer blue veil.

Painted image of two white chairs along walkway in the woods which leads towards water.

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