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Pre-fire and Post-fire

Object Type: Folder
In Folder: Friends of Cedarmere

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Girl and dog in wagon with horse.

Faded home profile. L84.5.100.

Faded snow-covered home profile. L84.5.100.

Extremely faded image of home. "1898" written on verso.


Extremely faded image of home in the distance; bottom left corner of photo missing; "Return to H. Godwin, Roslyn, L.I." written on back; accession L84.5.100.

Landscape image, pond on left, house in far right background. L84.5.100.  

Cedarmere house; "Cedar Mere, the country seat of the late Wm Cullen" written on bottom front. On verso: "To be returned to G. M. Clapham, Roslyn, Long Island, NY." accession L84.5.100_33; "before the fire of 1902."

Multiple buildings, landscape; matted on dark board. Verso: "The Mill at Cedar Mere." L84.5.100.

Fireplace and mantel. Verso: "Library at Cedar Mere before the fire. The Franklin Stove is now in the N.W. bedroom 2nd floor." L84.5.100; matted on cardboard frame.

Landscape photo of Cedar Mere on pond. Verso: "Cedar Mere before 1902." L84.5.100; matted on cardboard frame.

Wooded area and pond. Matted on cardboard frame. Bottom right corner of frame broken off. Verso: "Up on the farm." L84.5.100.

"Bryant Homestead" written on bottom; matted on cardboard frame which is torn on all corners and has water damage on bottom left edges; woman and dog standing in front of house; photo extremely faded; verso: "Vol II p 47" L84.5.100; and "[c.1890]" written upside down.

c. 1890

Extremely faded photo of pond, garden bench in lower right-hand corner. L84.5.100.

Faded photo of home, post-fire; home surrounded by scaffolding; L84.5.100; verso: "[1902]."


Faded photo of snowy home, person standing center left, small notch missing from top right edge of photo; L84.5.100; verso: "[1902]" and stamped "233."


Pond and trees; verso: "Pond Roslyn c. 1900." L84.5.100.  

c. 1900

Tree and circular road. Verso: "Turn at Golden Rod Roslyn c. 1900." L84.5.100.

c. 1900

Pond and trees. Verso: "Pond Roslyn, c. 1900." L84.5.100.

c. 1900

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