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Black and white photograph with three images. Top left: chain link fence and gate in front of cottage; top right: cottage; bottom: corner view of cottage. Caption: "Old Guest or Gate Lodge at Behman Estate. Built about 1902"

Verso of BBH_001010. Caption: "Formerly Clark Home at the s/w corner Seaman Ave & Brown's River"; address label has name crossed out: Mr. & Mrs. John J. Baxter, 184 Seaman Ave, Bayport, NY 11705; stamp reads: Property of Bayport Heritage Assocation, name: Charles Bogel, acc. # 85.28.2; handwritten note: Property of Chas H. J. Bogel, Bayport, NY

 Photo of two children with pull carriage

 Two photos of house

 Typed letter from Theodore Roosevelt, then President of the Board of Police Commissioners in New York, to J. A. Wilbur, Esq., dated Nov. 1st, 1895 (letter grouped with two photocopies of letter - photocopies not digitized). Paper ripped near Roosevelt's signature and in upper left corner.


 Handwritten letter from :The Excelsior Blue Point Oyster Company" Director, A. F. Skinner, to a Mr. Emmett F. Smith dated December 30, 1909. Water stain along half of page.


 Map of Blue Point Suffolk County, L.I. Dated March 1st, 1929. "E.H. Noble. Real Estate Insurance" in lower right corner. Damage on edges of paper.


Verso of image BBH_000779. Handwritten text: "From Charles Bagel" and water damage present.

Black and white photo of woman wearing a dress and hat sitting in a chair. Dated on verso from August 8th, 1906.


Verso of image BBH_000781. Handwritten text: "[indiscernible] to Sister [indiscernible] - August 8th, 1906"


Black and white photo of three children playing with blocks. Handwritten name in lower right corner: "Harold L. Pitch"

Verso of image BBH_000783. Handwritten text: "Jim, Philippa, John in play-room at 903 Park Avenue"

Black and white photo of man in bowler hat and jacket carrying books.

Verso of image BBH_000785. Handwritten text: "John Ellis Roosevelt leaving court to-day" Stamped at bottom: "Not to be published without permission. Reproduction to be marked COPYRIGHT BY BAIN NEWS SERVICE"

Black and white photo of two people riding horses and smiling at the camera. Damage to upper left of photo.

Verso of image BBH_000787. Handwritten text: "Gladys R. Dick & Harvey Laden at Meadowbrook Hunt." Text in upper left corner indiscernible. Stamp in middle with who supplied the photo rubbed away.

Front of paper cover of photo. Embossed text on cover: "Aime Dupont 574 Fifth Ave. New York and Newport R.I."

Inside of paper photo cover. Right side contains photo of woman leaning on the arm of a chair. Image of lion embossed in upper left of photo paper and following text embossed below photo: "Aime Dupont 574 Fifth Ave. N.Y. Newport, R.I." Left side stained from photo.

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