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Godwin Photo Album (L84.5.99)

Object Type: Folder
In Folder: Friends of Cedarmere

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"The Black Walnut - Bryant Farm, Roslyn." Two photos.

Six photos, all faded or damaged. Images of people, dogs, and canoes. Upper left-hand image is of Parke Godwin. Captions: "Enid Hart [?]"; "A. de Castro"; "Nora Godwin + 'Elene [?]'"; "Bar Harbor in the [?]; "Kitty Cary + Nora Godwin + Cleveland."

Eight photos, all faded. Lower center image is dog on carpet. Captions partially illegible. Captions: "H. Goodrich, A. de Castro + P. Hunt, Enid [Gates?], C. Pendleton + [N. Cushman?], E. Pendleton, Mr. and Mrs. Whalen. The [Wrens?], Mt. Desert"; "[Bessler?] Cottage, Albert Meadows"; "Edwards Girls + Friends, Annie de Castro, Bubble Pond"; "1900. [Herbert?], Annie de Castro, Joseph [Booream?] at Green Island"; "Podrick Godwin in N. Godwin's Room at Bar Harbor, Maine"; Mr. Edwards, N.G. [Nora Godwin], Mr. Pendleton, D. Edwards + Dog [Partial list of names in group photo on lower right-hand side, all other names are illegible].  


Five photos. Captions: "Mill at Cedar Mere"; "Runt Nora"; "Cedar Mere"; "Mrs. A.L. White and 'Lovey-Dog'."  

Five photos, all faded. Captions: "North Porch at Clovercroft"; "Mill at Cedar Mere"; "Clovercroft"; "Bridge at Cedar Mere"; "Entrance to Clovercroft."  

Six photos, first two faded. Captions: "Mudge Farm Godwin Estate, Roslyn. B.G."; "Bryant House, Roslyn. Taken by Bryant Godwin"; "Mudge Cottage, Godwin Estate. B.G."; "Brook. Bryant Estate, Roslyn"; "Brook. Bryant Estate, Roslyn. B.G."; B.G. Big Black Walnut Tree. Mudge Farm, Roslyn."

Four photos. Captions: "Bryant Residence, Roslyn, Long Island. Taken by Bryant Godwin"; "Bridge on Pond, Roslyn. Taken by Bryant Godwin"; "Bridge at Roslyn Pond. Taken by Bryant Godwin"; "Pond at Bryant Place, Roslyn."  

"Bicycle Trip;" Six photos, bottom left and bottom right badly faded. Captions: "American Falls, Niagara, from Canadian Side"; "Edward Simonds, 1900, Delaware Water Gap"; "From Watkins Glen."


Nine photos, Westhampton, L.I. Upper left-hand corner image is man in rowboat. Captions: "Vail Steffins, Westhampton"; "Westhampton, L.I."; "R.B. Vail Steffins, Westhampton"; "Nora Godwin, Westhampton Golf Club"; "N.G. Robert Booream, Westhampton"; R.B. Nora Godwin, Westhampton"; "R.B. Nora Godwin in Life Station Boat, Westhampton"; "R.B. Nora Godwin, Westhampton Golf Club."

Nine photos, Bar Harbor. Upper three badly faded. Middle picture is of steam/sail ship. Captions: "Nora Godwin, Bar Harbor"; "Parke Godwin, Bar Harbor"; "Edward Simonds [rest of caption illegible]"; "P.G. [Parke Godwin], N. de C., A. de C., F.G.W., Cassie. Bar Harbor"; "Training Ship, Bar Harbor"; "P.G., N. de C., A. de C., F.W., Cassie. Bar Harbor"; "E.S. at Balance Rock, Bar Harbor."

Nine photos. Middle left image and middle right image are blue. Bottom three images are pictures of a warship. Captions: "R.G. Zaza and Turnout, Bar Harbor, 1900"; "Robert Booream"; "R.B. Hall McCormick's Coach, Bar Harbor, 1900"; "Putting Contest, Kibo Valley Club, 1899"; William Lee [sic] Children with Dogs, 1900"; "Putting Contest, Kibo Valley Club, 1900."


Nine photos. Captions: "Schieffelin's Cottage, Albert Meadow, Godwin's Pagoda"; "Booker Cottage, Albert Meadow"; "Shore Park Bar Harbor"; "Cary Cottage, Albert Meadow"; "Shore Path, Bar Harbor."  

Nine photos. Middle bottom out of focus. Bottom right is picture of dog and swan. Captions: "N.G. Mr. A.L. White's House, Roslyn, L.I."; "R.B. Eloise Breese, Tuxedo. Greenough Carriage + N.G. [Nora Godwin]"; "N.G. Wayside Cottage, Roslyn"; "R.B."; "N.G. Wayside Cottage, Roslyn, L.I."; "R.B."; "E.S. Nora Godwin, Central Park, 1899"; "E.S. Children and Governesses, Central Park."  


Nine photos. Middle upper image is people on donkeys. Middle center image is picture of ship. Captions: "Birdseye View from Masts of Utowana [?]"; "Donkeys [4?] Seven Cities, San Miguel, Azores"; "Birdseye View from Mast of Utowana [?]"; "Anchor Match"; "The Utowana [?]"; "Under the Awnings on a Hot Day"; "The Deck of Utowana [?]"; "Going for a Drive, Horta Fayal"; "Street and old Fort, Horta Fayal, Azores."

Eleven photos. Venice, Italy. Only caption: "N.G. [Nora Godwin]."

Thirteen photos. Upper left and upper right corners, people on deck of ship with lifeboat behind them. Only caption: "N.G. [Nora Godwin]."

Nine photos. Istanbul, Turkey. Captions: "Street in Constantinople"; "Yherapin [?] on the Bosphorus, Yachts of the Embassies"; "Near St. Sophia's, Constantinople"; "[South?] Waters of Europe"; "Caïques, [South?] Waters of Europe"; "Seraglio Point"; "[South?] Waters of Europe"; "The Golden Horn"; "Courtyard Mosque at Achmet, Constantinople"; "[South?] Waters of Europe."  

Nine photos. Captions: "N.G. Picnic, Seawall, S.W. Harbor"; "N.G. Picnic at Seawall, Dr. Amory + son, Gaertner"; N.G. Picnic, Seawall, South West Harbor, Mrs. Sears + Dr. Amory"; "Mrs. K., John S. Kennedy's Place, 'Kewarden' B.H."; "N.G. South West Harbor"; Mrs. K, John S. Kennedy's Place"; "N.G., Picnic, Seal Harbor, Mr. and Mrs. Hester, Mr. Hershill [?], Mr. Van Ingen"; "N.G., Picnic, Seawall, S.W.H., Mr. + Mrs. Sears + son Gaertner"; "N.G. Picnic, Seal Harbor, Mrs. Hester, Mr. Hershill [?], Mr. Van Ingen."

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