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Object Type: Folder
In Folder: Garden City Historical Society

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 Caption reads "Looking Across the Pond from Fulton Ave., Hempstead, L.I. Copyright 1905 by the Rotograph Co." Front of GAR_000494


 "The Rotograph Co., N.Y., City. (Germany.)" Back of postcard printed in red. Back of GAR_000493


 Caption reads "Winter Scene in Hempstead, N.Y." Front of GAR_000496

February 11, 1911

 Written message addressed to Miss M. H. Bell. Back of GAR_000495

February 11, 1911

 Caption reads "Doubleday Doran Building, Garden City, Long Island, N.Y." Front of GAR_000498

 "Made by the Tomlin Art Company, Northport, Long Island, N.Y." "Natural View Post Card." Back of GAR_000497

 Caption reads "Garden City Hotel, Garden City, L.I." Tree obscures front of hotel. Front of GAR_000500

 Back of postcard printed in black. Eagle with a shield in top left corner. Back of GAR_000499

 Caption reads "Garden City Hotel, Garden City, Long Island, N.Y. J. J. Lannin Co." Aerial view. Front of GAR_000502

May 4, 1925

 Written message addressed to Miss Gladys Power. Back of GAR_000501

May 4, 1925

 Aerial view of garden city hotel in color. Front of GAR_000504

 "The Garden City Hotel, Garden City, Long Island, N.Y. Situated midway between the Ocean and the Sound…" Printed in blue. Back of GAR_000503

 Caption reads "Enlarged and Improved. Capacity Doubled this Year. Garden City Hotel, Garden City, Long Island, N.Y." Front of GAR_000506

 Message addressed to Mr. Dr. Duesseldorf. Back of GAR_000505

August 28th

 Caption reads "Scenic Garden City, Garden City, N.Y." "Greetings from Lena Pattebaum" written in ink. Front of GAR_000508

Addressed to Miss Louise Noderer.361 The Arcade, Cleveland, Ohio Back of GAR_000507

February 25

 Caption reads "Nassau County Court House, Mineola, L.I." "From Mama" written in blue ink. Front of GAR_000510

 Back of postcard printed in brown. Eagle with shield in top left. Back of GAR_000509

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