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Object Type: Folder
In Folder: Garden City Historical Society

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 Line of young women in white dressing holding flowers. One young woman the front of the line holds a flag

 Young women sitting around a room in wicker chairs. One young woman stands by the piano and another sits at the piano playing

 Polaroid of an open door with address number 37

 Image of page that reads "1912 Editorial"


 Group of young women sitting and standing singing. A woman standing in front of the group conducting and another woman playing the piano.

 Young women standing on a field in athletic uniforms. Four young women on left on image standing in a row and four young women in a group on the right of the image

 Girls playing or dancing in field next to ivy covered building. Some figures sitting in the foreground. Front of GAR_000596


"Field day 1923" written in colored pencil. Back of GAR_000595 


 Girls in uniforms sitting in rows of desks. Photograph of image from a book

 Color photograph of a dance. Young women in dresses and young men in tuxedos with flowers in their lapels. Front of GAR_000599

 "Kodachrome Print" stamp. Back of GAR_000598

Young women sitting in rows of desks, light fixtures hanging low from the ceiling

 Man sitting behind the wheel of car next to brick building

 Building obscured by trees, one chimney visible over the top of trees

 Children sitting in rows of desks next to man who is also sitting in a desk

 Polaroid of an open door with address number 37 (same as GAR_000591)

 Polaroid of a dark building silhouette, angle looking up, against the sky.

 Image of a red brick building set behind a screen of trees. Car rooftops in the foreground.

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