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Godwin Family Photos

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In Folder: Friends of Cedarmere

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Portrait of baby. S.A. Thomas, 717 6th Avenue. L84.5.103 7.B.9

Portrait of three children. Frederick M. Godwin, Elizabeth Love Godwin, and Frances Bryant Godwin. S.A. Thomas, 717 6th Avenue. "Fred, Love & Lucy Godwin." L84.5.103.


Portrait of Nora Godwin (1852-1914); L84.5.103; c. 1870; Plockstrasse 79 Heidelberg; "Dau. Of Frances Bryant & Parke Godwin"; Eduard Schultze Hofphotograph Jhrer Majestat d. Konigin v. Schweden u Norwegen; No. 31141; Die Platte bleibt zum Nachbestellen aufbewahri."  

c. 1870

Portrait of Frances Bryant Godwin working on sculpture. L84.5.103.  

Portrait of Ann Godwin. "Dau. Of Frances Bryant & Parke Godwin"; "She died in 1901." L84.5.103.

Portrait of woman. "Minna Godwin New York 1865"; "M. Frederick N. Goddard in 1886. She Died in 1927"; Geo. G. Rockwood & Co. Photographers, 839 Broadway, New York. L84.103.


Portrait of Nora Godwin (1852-1914); c. 1875; "Dau. Of Frances Bryant & Parke Godwin." L84.5.103.

c. 1875

Portrait of two girls. Elizabeth Love Godwin and Frances Bryant Godwin. "E.L.G. and F.B.G. 1895." L84.5.103.


Portrait of three children. S. A. Thomas, 717 6th Avenue. "Fred, Love, & Lucy." L84.5.103.

Three women: Natalie Duncan, Miss Hoff, Minneola Fair; Sept 26, 07. L84.5.103.


Sketch portrait of Mrs. F.M. Godwin (Mildred Rives); 1916. L84.5.103.


Portrait of Mrs. Harold Godwin; 1931. L84.5.103.


Group portrait; Oliver Bird; Mineola 1910. Printed on a post card. L84.5.103.


Woman with a child holding a ball. L84.5.103.  

Portrait of woman. Printed on Postcard. Stamped with 22 W. 23rd St. New York. L84.5.103.

Two men on the Coney Island Express. Henry Marshall and F.M. Godwin. Printed on Postcard. "L.C. Lewis & Co. Chicago, ILL. Vielkinds Hotel, Surf Ave. Coney Island, N.Y." L84.5.103.

Women seated around a table; Foto by Diltrich; 74276/6. Printed on Postcard.

Two women in hats facing one another. L84.5.103.

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