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St. Paul's Photographs

Object Type: Folder
In Folder: Garden City Historical Society

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 Two men dressed in football uniforms, one holding the other on his back. Both smiling and looking at camera. Front of GAR_000327

 Pencil mark. Back of GAR_000326

 Two men standing and looking at the camera. Man on right in a top with a white "A" on it. Man on left with hands on hips. Front of GAR_000329

 "a" in pencil. Back of GAR_000328

 Man standing in football uniform with football under left arm. "1920" in white paint on football. Stone building in background. Front of GAR_000331


 "89…" in pencil. Back of GAR_000330

 Man standing in football uniform in front of a brick wall. Football in hand and another against the wall behind him at the left.

 Man smiling, standing with hands at side in football uniform. Stripe on grass field behind him at left. Front of GAR_000334

 Pencil mark. Back of GAR_000333

 Man in football attire with left hand on grass in front of him. His hair falling across his forehead. Front of GAR_000336

 "Platnick Photo Studio…" 13 Main Street, Hempstead, stamp. Back of GAR_000335

 Man in baseball uniform with left foot on base and leaning forward towards image left. Players visible in background.

 Man in baseball uniform looking skyward with mitt and hands poised to catch as he appears to move towards image left.

 Young man in baseball catcher's uniform facing right. Other figures in baseball uniforms and towers of building in background

 Young man in St. Paul's baseball uniform holding each end of a baseball bat

 Man in sports uniform standing with small child holding football. Group standing behind child

 Young men in football uniforms standing on yard line of football field getting ready for kickoff. Building with two chimneys in background to the left

 Young man in football uniform and helmet standing on football field for photo. Figure walking in far background over his right shoulder

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