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Gregory F. Burke Collection Part 2

Object Type: Folder
In Folder: Garden City Historical Society

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 Low building at the corner of two streets. Sign reads "Main St. Wet Wash Laundry…" "Photo by Alex" Front of GAR_000168

 "Hempstead L.I. N.Y." GAR_000167

 A truck with a high sided bed and pulling a trailer appearing in front of a building with a small set of steps leading up to it on the left. Bicyclist on the right side of the image. Front of GAR_000170

 "Hempstead LI NY" Back of GAR_000169.

 Faded image of a parade marching in front of a three story, brick building with decorative bunting decorating the exterior. Front of GAR_000172


 "Front & Main St. Hempstead. 1890" Front of GAR_000171


 Image of men dressed for polo, standing for the photograph with their horses.

 Image of a painting depicting a busy street with horses and carriages, people walking, and horseback riders. Large building in the background with a tree in front of it. Front of GAR_000175.


 "1860. Col. Fulton & Main St." "Built 1637…" Back of GAR_000174.


 An image of a house in the distance behind a small gathering of trees in the center of the photo. "The Star Cottage" Photo by Alex" Front of GAR_000177

 "N. T. Hutchison - Fulton & Franklin St." "Return to William L. Kitchell" stamp. Back of GAR_000176

 A parade of uniformed men walking in the direction of the photographer, each holding an American flag. Bystanders watching to the right. Front of GAR_000179.

 "C. H. Krielsman" other handwritten notes. Back of GAR_000178

 Front of a building with "Madame Annette" in metal letters situated on the roof of the building. Front of GAR_000181

 "Front St. End of Main St. Hempstead" "Dry Goods[?] Clothing" Back of GAR_000180

 Side view of a brick building with a clock tower seen above the roof at the right. A sidewalk path on the left and leading to the building. "Photo by Alex" Front of GAR_000183

 "Sideview Town Hall H." Back of GAR_000182

 Image of a street in the foreground lined by houses beyond. A large tree in front of the house on the right. Front of GAR_000185

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