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Godwin Photo Album c. 1911-21

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In Folder: Friends of Cedarmere

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June 1914, Fairlawn House. Banstead, Surrey. Captions: "Maye L., Mrs. Lambert, F.B.G. [Frances B. Godwin]"; "F.B.G." July 1914. Danfield, Gateacre. Captions: "G., V., and W. Mumford at cricket match"; "Vi and the pug"; "Vi and the kitten"; "Connie, Bibby, and Pony. Vi Mumford."

06/1914 and 07/1914

May 1914. Brieg, Switzerland. Caption: "Cattle Sale." June 1914. Banstead, Surrey. Captions: "Fairlawn House. Maye Lambert and Marjorie Sheppard."  

05/1914 and 06/1914

May 1914. Italy. Captions: "Certoza Di Pavia"; "Near Milan"; "Pavia"; "Near Stresa. Lake Maggiore"; "Gardens of Isola Bella"; "Montiarone"; "Isola Bella"; "Isola Bella"; "Isola Bella"; "Lake Como - Villa Plinius, Belaggio"; "Villa Dora. Near Stresa."


May 1914, Simplon. Brig, Switzerland. Captions: "F.B.G. [Frances B. Godwin]"; "Pa and Ma [Harold Godwin and Elizabeth M. Godwin]."


May 1914. Venice, Italy. Caption: "En route from Florence."  


May 1914. Venice, Italy. Captions: "F.B.G. [Frances B. Godwin] in Piazza San Marco"; "Mom [Elizabeth M. Godwin] in Piazza S. Marco"; "Court of the Doges Palace"; "The Piazzetta"; "From the [illegible] of San Giorgio Maggiore"; "Fishing in the Northern lagoon"; "A market"; "Near the Giardino Publici."


April 1914. Monte Carlo and Florence, Italy. Etc, etc.


April 1914. Florence, Italy. Captions: "Entrance to Villa Aurora"; "Palmieri. Entrance and house from tennis court"; "Villa Aurora"; "Palmieri"; "V. Aurora"; "Palmieri"; "V. Aurora."  


March 1914. Roslyn, L.I., New York. Captions: "Mouse"; "A. McVickar"; "L. Derby at Roslyn house"; "Elsie Park"; "Mouse and Ma"; "N. Noël, Beppo, and her dog." April 1914. Captions: "S.S. Laconia"; "Monaco"; "S.S. Laconia"; "Mrs. Wilson. Gib."; "Gibraltar"; "F.B.G. [Frances B. Godwin] at Monte Carlo."

03/1914 and 04/1914

August 1913. Newport, RI. Captions: "Tennis Week"; "Polo at Batemans [sic] Point." Jan. 1914. Roslyn, L.I. Captions: "McVickar Lodge"; "A. McV."

08/1913 and 01/1914

July 1913. Fox's Point, L.I. Caption: "B. Farr and F.B.G. [Frances B. Godwin]." Roslyn, L.I. Caption: "F.B.G." Newport, RI. Captions: "Elsie Park, Muriel Winthrop. Baily's [sic] Beach"; "Dorothy Kane. Bailey's Beach"; "L.G. [Elizabeth Love Godwin]"; "F.B.G. and F. Paine."


"July 1913. Fox's Point, L.I." Captions: "Chaleurs Loord (?), E. Mortimer, Gerry Chadwick, Kitty Lawrence"; "M. Roche, H. McVickar, Tiny [Frances B. Godwin], R. Rives, B. Farr"; "M. Russell, E. Park"; "H. Fish, M. Roche, D. Morgan, F.B.G. [Frances B. Godwin]"; "B. Farr, F.B.G., D. Morgan, W. Stewart, L.G. [Elizabeth Love Godwin], B. Emory."


St. Andrews, Scotland. Captions: "Motor Cycle Races"; "R.S.F.C."; "Royal Scottish Flying Corps"; "Castle"; "Cathedral"; "R.S.F.C."; "Molly"; "North Berwick. M., G., and H.G. Ward"; "Golf course. North Berwick"; "En route"; "Azie and Molly. North Berwick"; "David E."  

Aug. 1914. Scotland. Captions: "Melrose Abbey"; "F.B.G. [Frances B. Godwin] and Inez Currie. Lake Windermere"; "Windermere"; "L.G. [Elizabeth Love Godwin] and Molly"; "F.B.G. and Molly. Lake Windermere"; "W. Mumford"; "King's L'pool Reg't at Knowsly [sic] Park." At sea, enroute to the United States. Captions: "S.S. Franconia"; "F.B.G."; "Morris Kinney and dogs"; "Boston Harbor"; "Pilot boat."  


Nov. 1914. Roslyn, L.I. Captions: "F.B.G. [Frances B. Godwin]"; "Roslyn, L.I. - F.M.G. [Frederick M. Godwin], Mom [Elizabeth M. Godwin] + O. Perry"; "Same + Blarney." March 1915. Kerhonkson, NY. Nonkanawha. Captions: "Mr. Reilly, Miss Clark"; "Mr. Small"; "Nonkanahwa [sic]"; "On the way to the falls. F.B.G. and Miss Righter"; "F.B.G. and Patrick"; "Mr. MacArthur and A.D. Montgomery"; "F.B.G. at bat. Dr. Foord"; "M.C., A.D., and Fritzi"; "Mr. Small, F.B.G., Mr. S., M.C., Fritzi"; "Dr. F., Mr. Miller, Mr. Winant"; "Mr. Miller, Dr. Nellenbrand"; "Ball field"; "Nonk."

11/1914 and 03/1915

Knowsley Park, Derbyshire. Captions: "W. Mumford, G. Ward, L.G. [Elizabeth Love Godwin], and G. Mumford"; "Same." Roslyn, L.I. Captions: "L.G. on Sunlight"; "Roslyn. Molly and Beppo"; "Roslyn"; "F.M.G. [Frederick M. Godwin] and C. Reed"; "L.G. + Blarney"; "Cedar Mere."

May 1915. Kerhonkson, NY. Captions: "The Annex"; "Andrea Ford"; "'Mr. Barker'"; "'Senor' Runciman"; "Dr. Foord"; "Same"; "M.A. Dodge"; "Dr. Foord + Miss Jocelyn"; "L.G. [Elizabeth Love Godwin]"; "Rhoda Cameron"; "Mrs. Cameron"; "Near the tennis court."  


April 1915. Kerhonkson, NY. Captions: "Mrs. Foster, F.B.G [Frances B. Godwin], F.M.G [Frederick M. Godwin], L.G [Elizabeth Love Godwin], Patrick"; "F.B.G."; "Mr. McArthur, L.G., Mr. Montgomery"; "Dr. F."; "Douglas Cottage"; "M.C. + The A.D."; "L.G." [image missing]; "Barn."  


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