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Godwin Photo Album c. 1911-21

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In Folder: Friends of Cedarmere

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July 1915. Kerhonkson, NY, and Bedford Hills, NY. Captions: "Mr. Langworthy"; "Mr. Small, Mr. Given"; "Mr. L."; "Emile, Mr. Ripley"; "Mr. L."; "Annex"; "Bungalow"; "Dr. Foord's house"; "Bungalow"; "Croquet"; "Fountain at Whitegates Farm, Bedford." Platsburg [sic], NY. "Transport Motors"; "Camp Street."


May 1915. Kerhonkson, NY. Captions: "Picnic at the cabin"; "D.R.H."; "The cliffs"; "Brook on the way to cliffs"; "Short cut [sic] to studio"; "Way to cliffs"; "Miss Jocelyn, Fritzi, Mr. Montgomery, Miss O'Bryan, and Mr. Foord"; "The chimney"; "Mr. Montgomery"; "Miss Ferguson, Ao. M., Miss Jocelyn"; "Ball field"; "Mr. Small, Mr. Barker, Senoa, Ao. pitching"; "L.G. [Elizabeth Love Godwin]."  


Aug. and Sept. 1915. Scotland. Caption: "Old England Hotel - Lake Windermere - Taken by Inez Currie." Bailey's Beach, Newport, RI. Captions: "Milly Rives, Gabrielle Warren, Muriel Winthrop, and George Warren"; "F. Paine"; "The little 'fair children'." Newport, RI, Long Island and New Jersey. Captions: "Linden Gate. New room"; "Verochio (sic) fountain"; "Linden Gate"; "Linden Gate"; "Mouse and Tiny [Frances B. Godwin]. Linden Gate"; "Pierrepont's house, Peapack, N.J. [sic]"; "R.S.P. Jr."; "The Burrill's house"; "Cedar Mere"; "N. de C.P. [Nathalie de Castro Pierrepont]"; "Blarney."  

08/1915 and 09/1915

Summer 1913. Roslyn, L.I. Captions: "Picnic at Huntington"; "Linda"; "D. Hyde"; "F.B.G. [Frances B. Godwin], Bill E. and D. Morgan"; "Beppo"; "Same."


1915. Plattsburg, NY. Captions: "Dog Tents"; "F.M.G.'s [Frederick M. Godwin's] squad"; "Resting"; "Washing - (!)"; "Corporal Roberts and 1st Sergeant"; "R.S.P."; "Bayard Rives"; "Same"; "Newton Rae." Newport, RI. Captions: "M.R. Pierrepont on Petey"; "Gabrielle, Rose"; "Mrs. Harriman's Sealyham"; "Mr. Elliot, Uncle E., Aunt L."; "Mouse, Eunice"; "E. Hale"; "Mrs. J. Harriman."


Florida. Shark fishing. Captions: "Porpoise"; "Sand shark"; "Hammerhead shark"; "Whip Ray [image removed]"; "Man eating [sic] shark [image removed" Stockbridge, Massachusetts. "L.G. [Elizabeth Love Godwin]. Stockbridge."  

1915-1916. Stockbridge, Massachusetts. Captions: "Miss Jones"; "Miss Woods, Miss J."; "Miss J."; "Lee"; "Barney"; "Eleanor Purington"; "Near the Indian Burying Ground"; "Mr. Doane's house in a snow storm"; "Mr. Morse's house. Taken in a snow storm"; "The Housatonic"; "Dr. Riggs' house"; "'Beany' [image removed;" "L.G. [Elizabeth Love Godwin]"; "Looking across Monument Mountain"; "Golf course."


1915-1916. Stockbridge, Massachusetts. Captions: "Eleanor Purington"; "H. Trotter, A. Baylis"; "Mr. Doane's house"; "L.G. [Elizabeth Love Godwin"; "'Moses'."  


Jan. 1916. Katonah, NY. Captions: "Bungalow in Midwinter, Hillbourne Club"; "Toboganning [sic] at Katonah"; "Mr. Merrill, Dr. Ecley, Miss Brown, Mr." Stockbridge, Massachusetts. Captions: "Beany and Varrick. Stockbridge [image removed]"; "Hockey game. Ditto"; "Stockwell bros."; "Congregational Church. Stockbridge." Atlanta, Georgia. Captions: "L.G. [Elizabeth Love Godwin]"; "L.G. + F.B.G. [Frances B. Godwin]"; "F.B.G. and Pride and Cherokee"; "Lil goats."  


March 1916. Augusta, Georgia. Captions: "C. Reed, L.G. [Elizabeth Love Godwin], Léonie, F.B.G. [Frances B. Godwin], Mom [Elizabeth M. Godwin], and Pop [Harold Godwin] - [image removed]"; "Same"; "Mrs. Sinnler and son"; "Jungle in the golf grounds [image removed]"; "Mr. + Mrs. Sinnler + Pride"; "L.G. + Pride"; "C. Reed + Pride"; "Julian Hinckley"; "Goats"; "Furniture, etc."; "After the fire." Etc, etc.


March 1916. Augusta, Georgia. Captions: "F.B.G. [Frances B. Godwin] and Pride." F.B.G. and dog"; "J. Hinchley in his car"; "Mrs. Thomas' garden"; "Augusta"; "L.G. [Elizabeth Love Godwin]"; "H. Reed"; "Alice Lounsbery [sic] [Lounsberry]. Cedar Mere"; "Della. Roslyn"; "F.M.G. [Frederick M. Godwin, H. Reed, Mom [Elizabeth M. Godwin], W. Sheppard [image missing]."


July 1917. Cedar Mere, Roslyn, L.I. Captions: "Della"; "Della"; "Nan"; "May and Mr. Tailer"; "Picnic at Fox Point."


August 1918. Brushwood Farm, Lenox. Caption: "Pa [Harold Godwin] and Ma [Elizabeth M. Godwin] and goats."


September 1918. Brushwood Farm, Lenox. Captions: "F.B.G. [Frances B. Godwin]"; "L.G. [Elizabeth Love Godwin]"; "Della, Molly, + F.B.G."; "Miss Murphy"; "F.B.G. and Miss M."


Sept. 1918. Brushwood Farms, Lenox. Goats in upper three photos. These images are unlabeled. Cedar Mere, Roslyn. October 1918. Captions: "Cap. Capart": "Della."  

09/1918 and 10/1918

June 1919. Roosevelt Field, Mineola, L.I. Airship blimps. Images unlabeled.


July 1919. Sea Cliff, L.I. Caption: "Della and puppies at two weeks."  


July 1919. Brushwood Farms. Lenox, Massachusetts. Caption: "Anna with Della's puppies."  


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