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Green Scrapbook, Sisterhood of Temple Beth-El

Object Type: Folder
In Folder: Temple Beth-El, Bellmore, Scrapbooks

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Spotlight Vol. 23, Issue No 3. Flyer for book discussion led by Gilla Rubin

4 photos from bingo event. Caption begins, " In December 1975, the Sisterhood played an afternoon of "Human Bingo."

5 photos- top 32 photos of rehearsal, bottom 3 from performance. HW Caption- "and they rehearsed and rehearsed and rehearsed until… it snowed and the show went on. March 9, 1976"

Spotlight flyer Vol 23, Issue No. 6. March 1976. "Purim Comes Alive" on stage March 9th 8:30pm

6 photos- Top left- 2 people on stage. Middle left- 2 women. Bottom left. 3 women, 2 holding bouquets. To right- group photo. Middle right- woman at piano. Bottom right- group photo of people on stage. HW Caption- "The acting was superb, And the cast party even better!"

Two photos on top- Top left- woman at piano. Top right- woman holding bouquet. HW caption, " Two of the most important people, without whom the show could not go on." Bottom left- card reading Mrs. Ansel Marblestone. Bottom left-Card reading Sara Charifson

Same page as JHS_001251. Left- Note inside of Ansel Marblestone card reading. "Dear Sisterhood, Thank you for the beautiful coffee cups…" Right- Note inside Sara Charifson card reading, "Dear sisterhood, I always wanted to… Very affectionately, Sara"

Same page as JHS_001251. Back of Marblestone card, note reading "Your gift was a gilding of the lily… Sincerely, Elaine Marblestone"

6 photos of groups of people outside

4 photos, one note on middle left. Top left- 5 women outside. Top right- 4 women in front of bus. Middle left- typed note "*Donor nite* Thursday May 20th at Club Caesarea…" Bottom right- 4 people at table. Bottom left group of people at tables.

6 photos of groups of people at tables.

6 photos- Top 4- groups of people at tables. Bottom 2 photos of women in kitchen- hw caption- Some of the Shabbos Shul Committee.

Top- note addressed to Ethel & Helne, dated 6/9/76, from Elaine B[illegible], Branch President. Two photos on bottom- Left- photo of man and woman. Right- group of people at table

Typed list of contact information- "Sisterhood - Temple Beth El of North Bellmore. Wheel of Administration for 1976-1977. HW name and number on bottom "Bobbie Cohen SU - 5 6873"

"Sisterhood receives a library award Oct 1976"; photograph with three people

Spotlight vol. 23, no. 1, October 1976

6 photos, luncheon or dinner

5 photos, "Show and Qvell September 1976"

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