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Color photograph of crowded boat called the "Fire Island Clipper"

Color photograph of crowded boat leaving the harbor. Crowd on the dock. American flag in image.

Color photograph of person holding a red fabric on the dock. Boats at the dock.

Black and white photograph of people protesting behind a chain-link fence. One sign reads: "Don't Use Our Sand For Your Concrete"

Verso of image PIN_001130 Handwritten text: “Crop where indicated FIN pg. 16 I” Two orange smudges on image.

Black and white photograph of top of house and sky with clouds in background.

Color photograph of boats docked at a harbor.

Sepia color photograph headshot of Kaye Ballard Handwritten text: “My dear Dr. Summer – with Great admiration and appreciation! Love Kaye”

Sepia color photograph with a white border of a man and three young men in front of a sign that reads in part: "Peter Candreva Meat - Poultry - Fish"

Black and white photograph of men with a black dog in front of a crowd.

Verso of image PIN_001137 Handwritten text: "64-32-21 [indiscernible] Dog Show 1966"


Black and white photograph of building in background and greenery in foreground.

Verso of image PIN_001138 Handwritten text: “To Bill and Tony Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Love Bill and [indiscernible] 12/21/06”

December 21, 2006

Black and white image of “Arden Catlin & FIPPOA welcome sign, late 1950’s” Image of woman leaning next to a sign which begins “Welcome to Fire Island Pines A Family Community”

Sepia color photograph of "The Carrintons 1920s" Image of family on porch.

Sepia color photograph of "Looking North Towards Coast Guard Station 1920s"

Black and white photograph of men creating a human pyramid on the beach.

Black and white photograph of piles of rags on the beach.

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