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Back of paper cover of photo.

Postcard addressed to a "Miss. J. [indiscernible] Cutchogue, L.I." Postmarked Bayport, N.Y. August 24, 1906. Mailed with a one cent stamp.


Verso of image BBH_000792. Image of Bay Port Avenue, Bay Port, L.I. Handwritten date at top: "Aug 23 - 06" handwritten text to right from a "Clara [indiscernible]"


Postcard addressed to a "Mrs. [indiscernible] Donald, 126 [indiscernible] St., Philadelphia, Pa." Postmarked "Sayville, N.Y. Jul 17 1908, 630A" Mailed with a one cent stamp. Bayport Heritage Association stamp in lower left corner.


Verso of image BBH_000794. Image, published by Geo W. Rogers & Son., of Green Avenue, Sayville, L.I. Handwritten text around lower and right edges.

Photocopy, photograph of man and child standing outside front door of two-story house, with two women inside screened-in porch looking out; caption: "R. A. Abbott", "HAHNENFELD FAMILY ALBUM", number 38 circled in bottom right corner

Black and white photograph, uncaptioned, of two men and two women gathered outside a house

Black and white photograph, "Front View | Gentleman's Country Seat in Bayport | For Sale", "R. A. Abbott"

Black and white photograph, uncaptioned, of an automobile driving down a tree-lined road; minor damage, tear to bottom right corner

Black and white photograph, uncaptioned, of a man, woman, and child in an open automobile driving down a road

Black and white photograph of a large two-story house and outbuilding with a weathervane; "R. A. Abbott"; fold to bottom left corner

Color photograph, uncaptioned, of a yellow-tan building covered in snow in wintertime

Back of image BBH_000802, "Yesteryear (1 of 1) copy"

Black and white photograph of a lake with a two-story white house in the distance; "R. A. Abbott"

Postcard marked "PROPERTY OF BAYPORT HERITAGE ASSOCIATION, NAME: Mrs. R. Shaw, ACC.# 83.4.7"; handwritten address: "Mrs. R. Shaw | 385 Middle Rd. | Bayport, N.Y. 11705"

Back of BBH_000805 postcard, captioned "BAY PORT AVENUE, BAY PORT, L. I."

Black and white photograph, "Bayport School, Snedecor Ave., Bayport," dedicated on March 18, 1895; the building was later destroyed by fire on February 5, 1926 ["Images of America: Bayport Heritage," Charleston, SC: Arcadia, 1997, p. 102]

Back of BBH_000807, inscribed: "Bayport School | Snedecor Ave. Bayport"; stamp: "PROPERTY OF BAYPORT HERITAGE ASSOCIATION | NAME: LAVERN WITTLOCK | ACC. # 93.19.183"; address stamp for Mr. L. Wittlock in bottom right corner

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