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Documents and Photographs

Object Type: Folder
In Folder: Historical Collections

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Newspaper clippings attached to carboard. Top shows picture and article about Mrs. Seth Worth and surprise party Bottom dated 1896, obituary for Edward F. Yarrington


Newspaper clipping dated April 21, 1887. Announcement of funeral for Ellsworth Crum


Framed photo of a man pouring alcohol in a bar Par No. 91. 39. 05, Donor- Diane & Willie Ca[unsure]

Photo of an unidentified man in military uniform

Poster of a room filled with paintings, left side

 Poster of a room filled with paintings, right side

Photo of a man and a dog sitting on the steps. Titled "Compliments of Jim and Master [unsure of bottom caption]"

Drawing of a sun dial

 Enlarged black and white photo of people on the beach

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