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Godwin Photo Album (L84.5.99)

Object Type: Folder
In Folder: Friends of Cedarmere

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Nine photos. Center column images are three different views of the same house. No captions.

Nine photos. People hiking in the woods. Lower right-hand image is a man smoking next to bottles of alcohol. No captions.  

Nine photos, people hiking and camping, bottom right-hand image has man letting horse drink from the water. No captions.  

Nine photos. Sailboat racing. Captions: "Racing Bar Harbor"; "Mr. Graves, Mrs. Graves, N.G. [Nora Godwin], Mr. Pearson, Mr. van Ingen"; Racing, Bar Harbor"; "Nora Godwin"; "Mrs. Everett Macy"; "The 'Nora'"; "Pott + Kettle, Club Landing, Mr. Addison, Mr. v.I [van Ingen], Mr. [and] Mrs. Merritt, Mrs. Addison."  

Nine photos. The images contain two women, a dog, trees, an unnamed body of water, and one cannon. Captions: "N. de C. [Nathalie de Castro]"; "N.G. [Nora Godwin]."  

Nine photos. People and sailboats. Caption: "N. de C. [Nathalie de Castro]"

Nine photos. Captions: "Sunbath on Upper Deck"; "Home from the Races"; "Mr. [Lapsly?]"; "Ogdens [Tarot?], The 'Bodia'"; "A Comfy Smoke"; "Northeast Harbor"; "Near Steamboat Landing, Northeast Harbor"; "Mrs. Carpenter, [illegible], Mrs. C, [illegible], Mrs. Macy, Mr. Macy, [illegible]"; "Lighthouse at Northeast."

Nine photos. Captions: "Parke Godwin, Mr. [Franzen?]"; "Three times [to?] Africa within a year"; "Mr. [Lovis?] [in?] Gaertner"; Nathalie [de Castro], Mr. Poor, Parke Godwin, [ four other names, illegible]"; "Don Giovanni del Drago"; "Parke Godwin + Mr. [Franzen?]"; "Mrs. Dennison + Mr. Poor"; "Nathalie de Castro + Don Giovanni del Drago."  

Nine photos. Upper row, right-hand image is three people on a boat flying a small flag. No captions.  

"1902." Nine photos. Captions: "Shore Path"; "Shore Path"; "Shore Path"; "[Gwen?] + Nathalie [de Castro] Under Appletree"; "Godwin Piazza"; "Kindergarten"; "Making a Sketch"; "Mathilde Emery"; "Making a Sketch."


Ten photos. All four corner images are views of the land from the water. No captions.

Nine photos. Middle row, center photo is five women and three men on a boat. No captions.

Seven photos. Lower row contains three photos of woman dressed as a gypsy.  

Inside cover inscription: "[Elizabeth] Love Godwin. Xmas 1903. From Aunt Nora [Godwin] and Nathalie [de Castro]."  


"Roslyn, L.I." Seven photos; Captions: "Icicles, Mar. '04"; "West end of Cedarmere, Mar. '04"; Mar. '04, View from front door"; "Looking glass in Pop's [Harold Godwin's] room, Mar. '04"; "Our auto, May '04, White [letters faded/illegible] 04 model"; "'Goldenrod', from the [road?], May 1904"; "Our mill, from the road, May '04."  

03/1904 and 05/1904

"Roslyn, Long Island." Six images. Captions: "Nathalie De Castro. December 1903"; "Mom [Elizabeth M. Godwin], Pop [Harold Godwin], Aunt Fanny. December 1903 in Mom's room"; "Bridge, Dec. '03. Taken up near the road"; "Nathalie de Castro, January '04"; "Tiny [Frances B. Godwin] dressed up in some old clothes, Jan. '04, in Pop's room"; "Aunt Katy, conservatory in background, Jan. '04."

12/1903 and 01/1904

"Tours, France." Four images, Captions: "Small dog- Hotèl de L'univers - Apr '05"; "NY Harbor. Taken from ship. Statue of Liberty. Oct. '04"; "Lenox, Mass. Leg [Frederick M. Godwin], Tiny [Frances B. Godwin] + Wolsey. Front of our house. Aug. 1904"; "[S.S. Minnetoutea?], Bear going to Hippodrome. Oct. '04."  

08/1904, 10/1904 and 04/1905

Four images. France. Captions: "[Alleus wood?], Wimbledon, [Phe S.W. source?] of the girls playing cricket. Nov. '04"; "[Yarlauto?] Hotel. Suffolk St. S.W., Nov. 1904"; "Chateau of Chenonceaux, drive looking up at chateau, April 1905"; "Chateau of Chaumont. Front drive, Pop [Harold Godwin] + Mom [Elizabeth M. Godwin], Tiny [Frances B. Godwin] on side path, April 1905."

11/1904 and 04/1905

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