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Godwin Photo Album (L84.5.99)

Object Type: Folder
In Folder: Friends of Cedarmere

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Four images. France. "Chenonceaux" and "Chaumont." Captions: "Water and garden, Apr. '05"; "Chateau for other side of water, Apr. '05"; "Riding ring near stables, Apr. '05"; "Pop [Harold Godwin] near well in court yard, Apr. '05."


"Dinard." Four images. France. Captions: "Cavalcade, July 9th 1905. Taken from Brown's piazza"; "Cavalcade"; "Fifi, Girlie, Baby Brown, June '05"; "Scratch off mouth. Me [Frances Bryant Godwin], July 1905."  

06/1905, 07/1905, and 07/09/1905

Four images. France. Captions: "Dinard, [Marjolaiue?], Ursula, Girlie, [Nothing?], July '05"; "Miss Hammond, Leg [Frederick M. Godwin]. Tennis courts. July '05. Dinard"; "Dinard. [Shore?] boat, French war ship, July '05"; "Mr. Coleman's yacht, July '05, ['Shiloagarde?']."


Dinard, France. Four images. "Finard [sic] - Cavalcade"; [illegible one-word caption under image]; "July 9th '05"; "[boat?]."  


Roslyn, L.I. Two or four images are missing. Captions: "Aunt [Fanny?], Mom [Elizabeth M. Godwin], Fred [Frederick M. Godwin], June '04, Sue Garden [image missing]"; "Pup, front of stable, June '04"; "Tiny [Frances B. Godwin]. Tennis court, June '04"; "Love [Elizabeth Love Godwin], June '04, Tennis court [image missing]."


"Roslyn L.I." Captions: "Sue in front of house, May '04"; "Tiny [Frances B. Godwin], Pup, Miss Carroll in our gardens, May '04"; "Sue, Pup, Tiny. Front of house, May '04"; "[Fored Byamon?]. Front of stable, Roslyn, June '04 [image missing]"; 'Tiny, Bucky. Front of stable, June '04."

05/1904 and 06/1904

"Lenox, Mass." Lenox, Massachusetts. Four images. Captions: "Kitty Schermerhorn, Topsy. Front of our house July '04"; "The Baby - 'Hillcrest' July '04"; "Tiny [Frances B. Godwin], Lucy. [Dahlgren?] pony cart, 'Hillcrest', July '04"; 'Kitty Schermerhorn. The two kitties, 'Hillcrest', July '04."  


Lenox, Massachusetts. Four images. Captions: "Mom [Elizabeth M. Godwin] on our front piazza - Aug. 1904"; "'Topsy', K. Schermerhorn's pony. Front of Hillcrest, July '04"; "The baby, Hillcrest, Aug. 1904"; "Katie Schermerhorn, Hillcrest, Aug. '04."

07/1904 and 08/1904

"Lenox, Mass." and "Roslyn, L.I." Four images. Captions: "The baby, stone wall, Hillcrest, Aug. '04"; "Love [Elizabeth Love Godwin]. The baby. Front of house, Hillcrest, Aug. '04"; "Two of the pups. Cage, Cedar Mere, Sept. '04"; "2 more pups. Cage, Cedar Mere, Sept. '04." 

08/1904 and 09/1904

"Roslyn, L.I." and "Lenox, Mass." Four images. Captions: "Tiny [Frances B. Godwin], pup. Front-door of our house Cedar Mere. Sept. '04"; "Pup, yard, Hillcrest, Sept. '04"; Pups. Cage, Cedar Mere, Sept. '04"; "Pup 2. Cage, Cedar Mere, Sept. '04."  


New York City. Four images. Captions: "N.Y., leaving on boat. Oct. '04"; "Dock, N.Y., leaving on boat, Oct. '04"; Passengers, boat, N.Y., Oct. '04"; "N.Y., leaving on boat, Oct. '04."


New York City and "Roslyn, L.I." Four images. Captions: "On the boat"; "N.Y. City from boat, Oct. '04"; "At the dock"; "Dock from boat, Oct. '04"; "Cedar Mere, Mom [Elizabeth M. Godwin] + Miss Emory, Oct. '04"; "[Gable?], Cedar Mere, Oct. '04."


"Château d'Azay-le-Rideau." France. Four images. Captions: "Front. Mom [Elizabeth M. Godwin], Pop [Harold Godwin] & Tiny [Frances B. Godwin] - April 1905"; "Side, April 1905"; "The other side, April 1905"; River + bridge, April '05."


"Paris, France" and "France." Four images. Captions: "[Mme. De Hecekerece?] Dec. 1904 - Daisy"; "Some houses built on the rock - April 1905"; "Chateau of Rambouillet, Apr. - 1905 - water on right"; "Chateau of Rambouillet, April 1905."

12/1904 and 04/1905

"Cedar Mere. Roslyn, Oct. '05." Four images. Roslyn, L.I. Captions: "View from Pop's [Harold Godwin's] piazza"; "Our calf"; "Natalie [Duneau?]"; "View from below Pop's piazza."


"May 1906 - Roslyn, Long Island." Six images. Captions: "[Trumps?], Pop [Harold Godwin], Lovey [Elizabeth Love Godwin]"; "Rifle, Tiny [Frances B. Godwin"; "Miss Harding, [Trumps?]"; "[Trumps?], Pup"; "Me [Elizabeth Love Godwin] in my room. Taken by Tiny"; "[Trumps?], Tiny."  


"Oct. 1905." Long Island, NY. Seven images. Captions: "Nassau Club, Mr. Travers, golf champion"; "Nassau Club, boxer dog, swimming"; "Nassau Club, Aunt Fanny + Miss Fox"; "Roslyn - [Fizzie?]"; "Sue, Cooper dogs, Tiny [Frances B. Godwin]"; "Ursula"; "Nassau. Boxer."  


"Dinard - Sept. '05." France. Five images. Captions: "Pop [Harold Godwin], Mrs. Tapp, Mom [Elizabeth M. Godwin], Mr. Tapp. La [Nearjolaiue?]"; "Leg [Frederick M. Godwin], Mrs. Tapp"; "The [Serpolect?]"; Tennis Club, Mr. Meleor, [Mlle. G'doa?]"; "[Mlle. G'doa?]."  


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