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Godwin Photo Album (L84.5.99)

Object Type: Folder
In Folder: Friends of Cedarmere

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"Catonsville, Md (sic), March 1907." Maryland. Six images. Captions: "St Timothy's Church and Base ball (sic) field"; "The main street in Catonsville"; "Schoolhouse + living house from the base ball (sic) field"; "Dixie, Miss Jeanie Fowler's dog, on front piazza"; "Sligo - the only decent riding horse!"; "Julia Whiting (Wash. D.C.) and Dixie."  


"Cedarmere. Roslyn, L.I. April 1907." Six images. Captions: "Scraps and Aunt Fanny"; "Me!! [Elizabeth Love Godwin]"; "Mom [Elizabeth M. Godwin], Aunt Fanny"; "Old pup"; "Me!!"; "Possum + Scraps."


"'Cedarmere'. Roslyn, L.I., May 1907." Five images. Captions: "Katie Harteis(?) and Possum"; "Aunt Fanny on our piazza"; "Me [Elizabeth Love Godwin]"; "Mom [Elizabeth Marquand Godwin]"; "Me."


Roslyn, L.I. May 1907. Four images. Captions: "Aunt Fanny and Aunt Ursula on our piazza"; "Baby May Tailer"; "The house boat, Glenwood"; "Our house 'Cedar Mere'."  


France and Long Island, NY. Six images; Captions: "Fontainebleau, France, Girlie Brown, May 1907. Taken by Tiny"; "Roslyn, L.I. Our garden, [Front?] Pop's [Harold Godwin] Piazza, June '07"; "Roslyn, L.I., [M?] Duncan + me! [Elizabeth Love Godwin], June '07. Taken by Tiny"; "Oyster Bay, L.I., Arabian colt of Mr. Sewell's sale"; "Roslyn, L.I., Tiny [Frances B. Godwin], Possum, Mom [Elizabeth M. Godwin] on piazza"; "Oyster Bay, L.I., Arabian horse + colt at Mr. Sewell's sale."  

05/1907 and 06/1907

"Roslyn, Long Island, June 1907." Six images, first three of a baby playing with a dog. Captions: "Aunt Fanny's coachman's little boy, Frank + dog 'Buster'"; "Possum"; "Houseboat"; "Aunt Fanny in her new electric [automobile]."


"June 1907. Roslyn, Long Island." Six images. Captions: "Pop [Harold Godwin], Tiny [Frances B. Godwin], Eunice and Bogy on top of house boat"; "Eunice swimming"; "Pop, Bogy + Eunice"; "Mrs. Eugene [Haleya?] (otherwise Eunice) + Bogy"; "Tiny + two doves, 'me' + 'you'"; "Possum + Miss Class ([illegible] trained [illegible]).


"Roslyn, L.I., May 1908." Six images. Captions: "The Buick, 1908 Model"; "Baby Tailer + Miss Bailey, Mr. [Reploge's?] launch on picnic"; "Buick"; "Buick"; "Scraps + Possum playing"; "Buick."  


Roslyn, L.I. and Concord, New Hampshire. "Roslyn, L.I., St. Paul's School Concord, NH, May 1908." Six images. Captions: "The Mors - 1908 model"; "Cows in front of Alumni House"; "Left to Right: Leg [Frederick M. Godwin], Luck, Tiny [Frances B. Godwin], Cousin Harry + Paul [Hurlburt?] on Library steps"; "Mors"; "The Alumni House"; "Leg + Connett, front of Alumni House."


"St. Paul's School. May 1908." Six images. Captions: "Mom [Elizabeth M. Godwin], T. [Tiny - Frances B. Godwin] + Me [Elizabeth Love Godwin] + Halcyon 1st & 2nd crews in the Halcyon wagon outside study - taken by Connett"; "Same - Mr. Jole, [Winant]?, Page, Sortwell, Cushman, Metcalf, Tyson, Wolfe, Leg, Cousin H. + Voorhees"; "All of the Halcyon crews on Halcyon rocks. [Winant?] captains, Chappie [Scudder?] + Mr. Jole, masters. Taken by [Kim ball?]"; "Halcyon boat House [Boon?]. The club House - Long Pond"; "[Shatruck?] wagon - Connett capt. outside study"; "[Shatruck? boat House from club House, Long Pond."  


"St. Paul's School - Anniversary - June 1908." Six images. Captions: "Watching the Halcyon [Shatruck?] boat racers on Long pond. Leg [Frederick M. Godwin], Me [Elizabeth Love Godwin] + Frank Roche. Tiny [Frances B. Godwin] on right. Taken by [Swellson?] + Leg"; "Cousin Harry + me on Lower pond. Taken by Tiny"; "May 1908 - Crews practicing on Long pond, Halcyon + [Shatruck?]"; "The new upper School + Lower pond"; "The chapel."

05/1908 and 06/1908

"Anniversary - St. Paul's School. Concord - June 1908. Lower grounds." Six images. Captions: "Hurdle race, W. [Nayue?] 2nd from right"; [Servior?] 1/2 mile race - Leg [Frederick M. Godwin], 3rd from post"; "View from grand stand"; [Herrick?] doing the polt vault, got 2nd. Connett, Chappie, [Luictcaef?] on left"; [Hyme?] - pole vault, got 1st"; "[Hyme?], pole vault, got 1st. Taken by Luck."  


"'Hillcrest'. Lenox, Mass. August 1908." Massachusetts and Long Island. Six images. Captions: "Tibbie [Kendall?]"; "My room, Tibbie [K.?] + Tiny"; "Me [Elizabeth L. Godwin]. Taken by Tiny [Frances B. Godwin]": "'The Apple trees', Southampton, L.I. The [Cres'?] house"; "'Shadowbrook', Lenox, Mass., Sally Colston. Taken by Spencer Shot"; "Ditto. Spencer + Sally."  


Shadowbrook. Lenox, Mass. August 1908. Massachusetts. Five images. Captions: "Berta Hamilton in the ball room"; "The living room. Taken by Spencer S."; "Spencer, Berta, Mr. Shotter + Mary. Taken by me"; "Me [Elizabeth Love Godwin], Mr. S., Berta, Mary"; "Me, Berta, Mr. S., Mary."  


"'Hillcrest'. Lenox, Mass. Sept. 1908. Taken by K. Schermerhorn." Massachusetts. Six images. Captions: "Tiny [Frances B. Godwin] + me [Elizabeth Love Godwin]"; "Tiny + Scraps"; "Me + Tiny"; "Blanche Emory"; "Tiny + Scraps"; "Stella Craig, Me, Marjorie Horslin + Edith Blevins."


"Hillcrest. Lenox, Mass. Sept. '08. Taken by K. Schermerhorn." Massachusetts. Six images. Captions: "Ruth Fielding on Tiny's pony"; "Marjorie Horslin, Stella Craig, and Edith Blevins"; "Ruth Fielding on T.'s pony"; "Edith Blevins"; "W.H., L. Daly, S.C., V.W., E.B. + R.F."; "Stella Craig."  


"'Hillcrest'. Lenox, Mass. Sept. 08. Taken by K. Schermerhorn." Massachusetts. Six images, first image captioned: "Marjorie Horslin"; "Louise Daly, S.C., E.B., W.H., and Vera Morrison"; "Ruth Fielding in 'ragtime' costume"; "Ruth Fielding"; "Marjorie H., Stella C., + Edith B."; "Ruth Fielding in Dutch costume."


"'Hillcrest'. Lenox, Sept. 1908." Massachusetts. Six images. Captions: "Poss. & Scrap. Tiny [Frances B. Godwin]. Her pony and the 6 kids"; "Ruth Fielding and Edith Blevins"; "Ruth F. on T.'s pony"; "Tiny, Pop [Harold Godwin], pony + all the kids"; "Marjorie, Stella + Edith"; "All but Ruth."  


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