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Police Department List of Contents Page 1 of 2

Police Department List of Contents Page 2 of 2

Group photo of LBPD (Entire picture)

Patrick Trace, Chief of LBPD (2019.01.1033)

Walter Barriscale, Chief of LBPD (2019.01.1034)

Group photo of LBPD (Bottom Photo) (2019.01.1035)

Brief History of LBPD (2019.02.0007)

Oldest photo of LBPD on record 1926 (2019.01.0136)

100th Anniversary of LBPD 2011 (2019.01.0137)

LB Police circa 1920s/1930s (2019.01.0138)

LBPO Charles Price, on motorcycle circa 1929. Back Page Note: "1929 Lieut. Charles Price". (2019.01.0139)

LBPO Flanagan 1920s P1070 (2003.01.0164)

LBPO on horseback 1935 (2019.01.0140)

LBPD reviewing documents P1081 (2004.01.0033)

LB Officer Buddy McNealy on motorcycle P569 (2002.01.0007)

PBA Ball. Back Page Note: "Annual P.B.A. Ball, Town and Country Club. Long Beach. July 25, 1941". P237 (999,01.0132)

LBPD article-top half (2019.13.0024)

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