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Object Type: Folder
In Folder: Cow Neck Peninsula Historical Society


2018.21.193 H F Walling Map 1859

2018.FIC.0124 Sands Cemetery 1 of 2; MAP 1

2018.FIC.0124 Sands Cemetery 2 of 2; Job 7733 NB 158-41

2018.FIC.0125 Cow Neck

2018.FIC.0161 Port Washington 1914

2018.FIC.0179 Historic Cow Neck

2018.FIC.0180 Historic Mill Pond

2018.FIC.0185 Tax Map 2002

2018.FIC.178 Navigation Map

2019.15.001 Mitchell Cemetery

2019.16.047 North Shore Properties

2019.FIC.0446 Port Washington 1900

2019.FIC.0456 Bicentennial Map

2020.28.003 Long Island Road Map

2020.FIC.0011 Lower Main Street

2020.FIC.0014 Port Washington; Henry R. Tibbits, Inc

2020.FIC.0560 Map of Long Island Library Edition Hyde & Company Classon Ave. Cor. Fulton St. Brooklyn, NY 1896

2020.FIC.0698 Beers Atlas

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