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Object Type: Folder
In Folder: Garden City Historical Society

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 Image of the far right side of a larger, red brick building that extends left beyond view. A light colored car parked to the right.

 Oblique angled view of a large, red bricked building with a tree and hedges in front of it at viewers right.

 A group of women seated in wooden benches. Large, glass shaded light fixtures hang from the ceiling in multiple places. (duplicate of GAR_000600)

 Two-storied section of a large, red brick building. Two trees and sidewalk in the foreground.

 Decorative edged photograph. Caption "New Gym. Miss Reid" Front of GAR_000612

 "Cathedral School of St. Mary…" Garden City, N.Y. Back of GAR_000611

 A tall, red brick, building at a diagonal view, with a road in front of it with two cars parked on it.

 Duplicate of GAR_000613

 Corner of a large brick building with a cross at the top of a tower like portion of the building near the middle of the building.

Corner of a large brick building set behind leafless trees and bushes.

 Front of a large, red brick building with white double door entry at the top of stairs. Trees visible in the foreground.

 Oblique view of a large, brick structure, fire escapes at the center of the three storied building. Cars parked in foreground.

 View of part of a large brick building to the right of the image, a parking lot with parked cars to the left of it.

 Close view of part of a large, brick building, the upper portion of the building out of view. Grass low in the foreground.

 View of the top of a large brick building with a white bell tower like structure at the top set against a light sky.

 A large brick building set behind full trees. Large grass lawn in the foreground.

 A group of students turning to look at an instructor standing to the left of and gesturing towards a large chalkboard.

 Portion of a red brick building set behind a screen of tree branches. Windows visible at the bottom.

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