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Object Type: Folder
In Folder: Garden City Historical Society

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 Black and white image of four women holding bows, each with the string pulled back.

 Black and white image of a portion of a brick building visible at far left and in distance. Snow covered landscape at right and in distance.

December, 1970

 Corner of a red brick building, upper portion not visible. Full tree to the right side of the image.

 Two women and a group of five boys in Boy Scout (?) uniforms standing on the steps in from of a white sided building.

 Group of women gathered for a photo on the grass. A an in clerical attire seated near the middle in front. Front of GAR_000630


 "1932" in pencil. Back of GAR_000629.


 Group of people gathered around a table with a large flower arrangement. Woman seated at the left pouring from a metallic pot into a teacup.

 Man with light colored hair in clerical attire seated for a portrait. Wood paneled wall blurred in background.

 Black and white image of a pair of stained glass windows featuring religious scenes.

 Black and white image of a room, a table and lamp in the fireground and a window partially visible at the left.

 Dolls arranged in a glass paned cabinet against the wall.

 Black and white photo of a stained glass diptych of an angel in movement.

 Black and white photo with close-up of a stained glass window with two figures in the scene.

 Black and white image of three figures seated at a large table in what appears to be a library.

 Black and white photo of three figures in a close-up of a stained glass scene. Halo above the head of the standing figure.

 Image focused on a low sofa with a table in front of it. A large portrait painting above it.

 Black and white close-up view of a wooden, carved motif.

 Group photo of women in white uniform with dark neck ties. Front of GAR_000643

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