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Gregory F. Burke Collection

Object Type: Folder
In Folder: Garden City Historical Society

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 Image of a two-story house. Trees on both sides of the image. Sidewalk in foreground.

Blurred image of a light colored house with dark shutters. Trees on the right side.

Image of two buildings beyond a road in the foreground. The right side building is dark with a fenced in porch. The building on the left appears to be brick. Front of GAR_000022


Road running diagonally from bottom left towards right middle. Large house beyond the road, a man standing on the columned porch. Trees along the far side of the road.

House nearly hidden by hedges and trees beyond a grassy field. Ivy climbing visible walls of the light colored house.

Light colored house with a tall, centered chimney sitting to the right of a large tree. Short lawn in front of house. Front GAR_000026.

 "Hilton Ave." written in pen. Back of GAR_000025.

 Faded image of a three-story house behind a white picket fence. A leafless tree situated in front of house.

 Image of a at the corner of a block. Trees lining the road that extends to both sides of the photo. "Photo by Alex" at lower right. Front of GAR_000029

 "RETURN TO WILLIAM L. KITCHELL 290 FULTON AVENUE, HEMPSTEAD, N.Y." stamped in black. Back of GAR_000028

 Image of a white house with chimneys on both ends. Smaller structure attached at left side. Front of GAR_000031

 Image of a group of 7 people, including an adult woman standing in the center and children of varying ages arranged around bushes. White house in the background. GAR_000030.

 View of town from high vantage point. Buildings, trees, and houses visible. Image grainy and washed out at lower left and upper half. Front of GAR_000033

 "View taken from Methodist Church Steeple. Hempstead" written in pen. "RETURN TO WILLIAM L. KITCHELL 290 FULTON AVENUE, HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. Back of GAR_000032

 View of a path with trees lining the right and a house on the left, casting shade on the path.

 Image of a row of houses beyond a road that extends diagonally from the lower right up towards the left. Cars line the far side of the road towards the left of the image. "Photo by Alex" Front of GAR_000036.

 "FRANK M. KITCHELL Optometrist 74 Hilton Ave. Hempstead, N.Y." stamped in black. Back of GAR_000035

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