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Album 13

Object Type: Folder
In Folder: Virginia Wines' Albums

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 Front cover of Volume 13

 Back end of front cover, Valentines Day note

 Original folder layout, left page; four items: a document, a stip of paper, a colored photo, and a map clipping

 Document titled "Album X, Pier Avenue - Manor Lane - Carey Camp"

 Strip of paper labeled "Schools #11 School Album" dated 1993

 Partial map of Long Island with names and properties written in

 Back side of map, contains alphabetical list of Long Island locations, "Yellow Book 1981-2"

 Photo of a red flower

 Original folder layout, left page; two items: a card and a map on top of red paper

 Card with red border and red heart design in the center

 Back side of card, letter to Virginia, January 31, 1992

 Partial map of Northern Long Island with written names and properties

 Back side of map, contains alphabetical list of Long Island locations

 Original folder layout, right page; two items: document starting with "Nov. 20, 1661, Southold" and map

 Original folder layout, left page; list titled "1676 - Second Aquebogue Division with map that wraps around from previous page

 Back side of document, text starts on bottom, titles "Lots"

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