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Object Type: Folder
In Folder: Ocean Beach Historical Society

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 Baby in a wash basin, c.1915 4x6 copy of original photo mounted on black board.

 Blond boy and book, c.1915 4x7 photo mounted on black board.

 Diver, Isabelle Beatrice Farrell, 1916. Mrs. Farrell, Harry Farrell's mother. "Mrs. Farrell is dressed in swimming attire indicative of the times." Two copies of this: one 8x10 on black board. Original is 4x6 mounted on black foam. 8x10 copy of an original mounted on black board.


 Picnic on the Beach, c.1915. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Greenhaigh in the backgrounde, daughter Ruth on the right, niece Dorothy Greenhaigh on the left. Courtesy of Dorothy Meyer. 8x10 photo mounted on black board.


 Three Friends Enjoy the Surf & Sand, 1926. From left to right: Beatrice Hoffman, Bibbens Wallace, Evelyn Tuttle. 6x10 copy of original mounted on black board.


 Women and Children Enjoy a Sunny Day at the Beach, c.1913. 6x10 copy mounted on black board.

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