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Godwin Family Photos

Object Type: Folder
In Folder: Friends of Cedarmere

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Woman on horse. Elizabeth Love Godwin. Verso: "E.L.G. & Blue Dawn 1929." L.84.5.103.


Woman in fur coat. Verso: "G. DOBKIN FLETT STUDIO 1517 Boardwalk - Atlantic City, NJ"; "22891A." L84.5.103.  

Oval portrait of woman. "Mrs. Parke Godwin"; "For Harold"; "H.T.G (?)"; UN POUR TOUS POUR TOUS POUR UN"; "LACOMBE & LACROIX Peintres Photographes GENEVE." L84.5.103.

Portrait of a young boy. Verso: "HARRY / MARQUAND." L84.5.103.

Portrait of a young man. Frederick M. Godwin. L245.5.103.

Man with moustache. Harold Godwin. "LUDOVICI"; "New York, & Newport"; "Harold Godwin"; LUDOVICI'S PHOTOGRAPHIC AND CRAYON STUDIOS"; Julius Ludovici, New York 152 Fifth Av Cor. 20th St."; "Thomas Lord, Newport, RI, Bellevue Ave." L84.5.103.

Man in U.S. Navy jacket. Frederick M. Godwin. Verso: "FMG 1917"; "1917." L84.5.103.  


Man in graduation attire. Verso: "Conrad Goddard 1909." L84.5.103.


Woman with fur boa. Frances Bryant Godwin. "Holton 1913." Verso: "F.B.G." L84.5.103.


Boy and girl. Verso: "Conrad Goddard & Natalie DeCastro." L84.5.103.

Portrait of young woman wearing white. Elizabeth Love Godwin. Verso: "Eliz. Love Godwin 1907." L84.5.103.


Woman on black horse. Verso: "61165-5t (?)." L84.5.103.

Portrait of woman in dress with flowers. Frances Bryant Godwin. Verso: "FBG." L84.5.103.  

Woman on white horse. "Miss Frances Godwin, Edinburgh Lessin. (?)"; "In accepting this photograph for reproduction it is agreed in all cases under __eproduction to use credit line. Photograph by Paul Thompson, NY. If unavailable return at once to 125 Fifth Avenue, New York."; four cursive words including "horse."

Portrait of woman holding a book. Elizabeth M. Godwin. "E.M. Godwin"; "Euig Cannes; "1926". Stamped "8255". L84.5103.


Portrait of a boy wearing a sailor costume. Frederick M. Godwin. "Rockwood, 1440 Broadway, New York"; "F. Marquand Godwin 6 yrs-9 (?)"; "1897." L84.5.103.


Portrait of a girl. Elizabeth Love Godwin. "Rockwood, 1440 Broadway New York"; "Love, June 97, 6 yrs." L84.5.103.


Portrait of a girl with flower in hair. "Frances B. Godwin, Mar. 1906 - 13 yrs." L84.5.103.


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