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Godwin Family Photos

Object Type: Folder
In Folder: Friends of Cedarmere

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Portrait of a boy holding net. Frederick M. Godwin. "F.M.G." L84.5.103.  

Two women outside with sticks. Mother and daughter. Elizabeth Marquand Godwin and Elizabeth Love Godwin. "E.M.G. - E.L.G."; "1931." L84.5.103.  


Two young girls. "Love & Lucy Toon (?)"; "1904." L84.5.103.  


Portrait of woman sitting. Elizabeth Marquand Godwin. "E.M.G. about 1887." L84.5.103.  

c. 1887

Portrait of three children. Frederick M. Godwin, Elizabeth Love Godwin, and Frances B. Godwin. "S.A. Thomas 717 6th Avenue."; "FMG, ELG, FBG, 1893." L84.5.103.  


Woman on a horse in front of ivy. Elizabeth M. Godwin. "Mom and Mollie at Ludeeu Gate. 1884"; signed "R." L84.5.103.


Portrait of a woman with black background. Elizabeth M. Godwin. "EMG." L84.5.103.  

Profile of a girl. Frances B. Godwin. "Rockwood 1440 Broadway New York"; "Frances. June (?) 97. 4 yrs and 9 (?)." L84.5.103.


Portrait of a woman on a bench. Verso: "Elizabeth M. Godwin." L84.5.103.

Portrait of a man in suit. Verso: "Parke Godwin." L84.5.103.  

Portrait of a man in suit with name of studio on front. "F. Gutekunst, Philadelphia." Verso: "Parke Godwin"; "(illegible) Godwin"; "Aug. 3. 01(?)"; F. GUTERKUNST 712 ARCH ST. PHILADELPHIA"; "8 2 411". L84.5.103.


Portrait of a man with mustache. Harold Godwin. "W. KURTZ, MADISON SQUARE"; "H.G."; "8 First Class Medal"; "W. KURTZ"; "Good Taste"; "Paris Vienna New York Madison Square." L.84.5.103.

Portrait of woman holding baby. Verso: "Aunt Mollie"; " Mrs. Benj. Curtis & Allen Curtis." L84.5.103.  

Portrait of two men and two women. Verso: "(illegible) dec. L9(?)"; "O. Bird. H. Marshall(?) (crossed out)"; "Oliver Bird, Henry Marquand, E.L. Godwin, N. DeCastro, 1909." L84.5.103.


Woman's profile. Elizabeth M. Godwin. "Gustav Georg Lange Hofphotograph"; "B.L. Schwalbach." Verso: "1895"; "1895"; Mrs. Harold Godwin, née Elizabeth Love Marquand"; "Wien 1875 G.G.Lange Konigl. Ital Bad L.Schwalbach 1895"; "For,stecher. Offembachach a/M." L84.5.103.


Woman sitting holding hat on lap. Frances Bryant Godwin. Verso: "F.B.G.". L84.5.103.

Man smoking cigarette. L84.5.103.

Woman holding flower. L84.5.103.

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