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Godwin Family Photos

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In Folder: Friends of Cedarmere

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Man on horse. Frederick M. Godwin. Freudenheim Photo Co. 154 Nassau St, Tribune Building, New York.

Two girls sitting together; Elizabeth Love Godwin & Tiny [Frances B. Godwin]; 68 ish (?), about 8 & 10.

Elizabeth Love Godwin. "For Auntie Kate From Love, 1899." L84.5.104.


Three children standing together. Frederick Marquand Godwin, Elizabeth Love Godwin, and Frances Bryant Godwin. Ages: 7, 6, & 4. L84.5.104.

c. 1896

Portrait of a man. Harold Godwin. Ludovici's Photographic and Crayon Studios.  

Portrait of a man. Harold Godwin. W. Kurtz, Madison Square. 284.5.103.  

Portrait of man. Harold Godwin. For Duplicates order No. 14 P. L84.5.103.  

Portrait of child standing in front of chair. Elizabeth Love Godwin. E.L.G. L84.5.104.  


Elizabeth Love Godwin and Frances Bryant Godwin; 1895. L84.5.103.  


Portrait of five people. Pop [Harold Godwin], Mom [Elizabeth M. Godwin], Aunt Fanny, Tiny [Frances B. Godwin], Elizabeth Love Godwin. L84.5.103.

Three people standing among columns. "For Harold Godwin esq; A Happy New Year, an old friend, from Rupert Hughes."  

Mr. & Mrs. Harold Godwin at groundbreaking ceremony in Roslyn Park for the Hicks Memorial. Oct. 1930. L84.5.103.


Portrait of man in glasses. Harold Godwin. L84.5.103.  

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Godwin, the "foster parents" of Roslyn Park. Oct. 1930. L84.5.103.  


Portrait of boy in sailor suit. Frederick M. Godwin. L. Alman, 172 5th Ave, N.Y. and Newport R.I.

Portrait of boy in sailor suit. Frederick M. Godwin. L84.5.104.

1884. Mr. & Mrs. Marquand, Mabel Marquand, Bessie [Elizabeth Love, future wife of Harold Godwin] Marquand, Harold Godwin; Matlock Bath.


Portrait of a woman in a black dress. Frances Bryant Godwin.

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