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Album 06

Object Type: Folder
In Folder: Virginia Wines' Albums

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Back page of photocopy of Last Will and Testament of Simeon Benjamin with attached handwritten note indicating contributor


 Typed transcript of Simeon Benjamin's will, see HAL_000753, notes in red pen

 Letter from Everett Benjamin to Virginia Wines, dated "Monday, August 7th", "1978" and other notes written in red pen

August 7, 1978

 Back page of Everett Benjamin letter to Virginia Wines, see HAL_000756

 "Chapter 10, Generation I - Richard Line" pg. 672, back page notes "Sept. 1985"

September 1985

Chapter 10, Generation I - Richard Line, pg. 673

September, 1985

 Chapter 10, Generation I - Richard Line, pg. 674

September, 1985

 "Chapter 11, Generation 2 - Richard Line pg. 675

 Typewritten page starting with "714. Eliza Benjamin, m."; prominent is the feature and copious pen and pencil notes for genealogical entry for Simeon Benjamin (1648-1702/3). P. 676

 Top article titled "Papers from Helen Price,…" typewritten by Virginia Wines. Clipping covering top portion titled "Children of Simeon and Waite (---) Benjamin", note in pen "677" suggesting continuation of HAL_000762


 Typewritten page from the "Papers of Helen Price", a transcription of the Last Will of Simeon Benjamin (see HAL_000753; attribution to Virginia Wines in top-right suggests transcriber contribution.

 Clipping of page 677 of genealogy records, directly follows HAL_000762.

  "p.1 Old Hallock Documents" Abstracted by Virginia Wines, 1978. Bottom portion of page a copy Simone Benjamin's will

 Copy of Last Will of Simeon Benjamin (inside).

 Back of HAL_000764a, handwritten note reading "Last Will and Testament of Simeon Benjamin grandfather of Major Joshua Benjamin dated the seventh day of April AD 1688 and proved on the ninth day of July AD 1701.

 Typewritten page entitled "p.1 Old Hallock Documents"; papers given by Helen Price and abstracted by Virginia Wines in 1978; transcription of Will of Simeon Benjamin.

 Cover of Benjamin's will with genealogical entry for "Lt. Simeon Benjamin…" (1720-1761)

 Copy of Last Will of Simeon Benjamin (outside).

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