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St. Mary's Classic

Object Type: Folder
In Folder: St. Mary's Photographs

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 Photo album page with two photos attached with photo corners. Upper left photo of a room with a bed prominent. Lower right photo shows a room with a dresser and mirror at left wall. Other side of GAR_000401.

 Photo album page with two photos attached with photo corners. Upper left photo captioned "Cathedral - 1920." Lower right photo captioned "Saint Mary's 1921." Other side of GAR_000401.

 Two women standing and talking to one another in the foreground, one wearing white, the other dark clothing. Figures with bicycle in background. Notes on margins. Front of GAR_000403

 Back of GAR_000402

 A group of women gathered for the photo, all facing forward. "1958" at upper left. Front of GAR_000405


 Back of GAR_000404.

 Photo of young women gathered in school uniform in front of an ivy covered wall of a building. Front of GAR_000407

Back of GAR_000406. 

 Four women standing in a row with bows in hand, aiming at a target in the distance.

 A man in robes handing a rolled document to a woman at right wearing a light colored dress.

 A woman in a formal, white dress climbing stairs to the entrance of a building. White hat on head.

 Man standing in priest attire, looking at camera. Doorway in background.

 Group of girls in school uniform standing around a large, brick grill, roasting marshmallows.

 Group of people in front of cathedral, watching a procession of women in white come out of the building. Front of GAR_000414

 "1947" in pencil. Back of GAR_000413

 Female students in uniform arranged in a semi-circle around a teacher's desk. Some students with arms raised.

 Priest standing at a podium in the front of a cathedral in front of seated congregation.

 Female students in classroom, some seated and some standing, some at chalkboards. Teacher at left.

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