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Envelope from R. Rokoff to B. Bonanno

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Yellow packaging envelope addressed to a “Bobby Bonanno, 79 Circuit Road, Bellport, N.Y.11713” Envelope sent from a “R. Rokoff, 205 3rd Ave 12B, NY, NY 10003” Mailed with four forever stamps with flower motifs

Color photograph of men sitting poolside wearing birthday hats. Man in center opening a present.

Color photograph of a birthday party poolside of men wearing swim trunks.

Color photograph of three men. One wears a birthday party hat and all three wear fake noses.

Color photograph of four men sitting around a center kitchen island.

Color photograph of four men around a kitchen center island inside. Dog to the right of the image.

Color photograph of people laying on beach chairs at the side of a swimming pool. Green turtle pool floatie in the pool.

Color photograph of man in a birthday party hat near the edge of a pool. Other men in the background.

Color photograph of a man sitting on a beach chair looking into the camera.

Color photograph of two men in white t-shirts hugging and looking into the camera.

Color photograph of two men, one in a white short-sleeved shirt and the other in a red short-sleeved shirt, hugging and looking into the camera.

Color photograph of blue and white beach balls in a swimming pool.

Color photograph of two individuals in sunglasses standing behind cutouts of a man and a woman in swimwear. One individual is holding a bunch of blue and white balloons.

Color photograph of pool and beach chairs.

Color photograph of inside of home. View of living room couch and bar area.

Color photograph of man laying in beach chair next to a pool.

Color photograph of man in khaki pants and a white and red stripped long-sleeved shirt lying on a beach chair.

Color photograph of man looking back at the camera at the end of a line of beach chairs by the side of a pool.

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