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Gregory F. Burke Collection

Object Type: Folder
In Folder: Garden City Historical Society

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 Image of a light colored house appearing above a hedge behind a white picket fence. Thick posts flank the fence gate. "Photo by Alex" at lower right.

Snowy ground in the foreground with a hedge to the right. Trees at the upper left with houses in the distance. GAR_000039

 "DVP" written in blue ink. Back of GAR_000038

 A row of houses with lawns and a sidewalk in front of them. A road along the lower edge. Of the image. Lacelike trim along the angled roofline of the centered housel "Photo by Alex" at lower right.

 Image of a group of men working with hand tools and a variety of manual equipment. A light colored house in the background. A pile of dirt in the foreground. "Photo by Alex" at lower right. Front of GAR_000042.

 "RETURN TO WILLIAM L. KITCHELL 290 FULTON AVENUE, HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. stamped in black. Back of GAR_000041.

 Light colored home with thick pillared porch at front, two chimneys emerging from the top. Taken from low angle, grass lawn in foreground. "Photo by Alex" at lower right.

 Faded image of a light colored house, chimneys on both ends. Trees flank the image on either side. A hedge runs across the image, with an opening for the gate at the far left side. "Photo by Alex" appears twice at lower right. Front of GAR_000045.

 "Combes House North west corner Front and High Streets" written in pencil. Back of GAR_000044.

 Two houses beyond a low, white, decorative fence. Road running diagonally along the lower edge from lower left. Large trees near the center of the image. Power lines along the road. Front of GAR_000047.

 "East side Greenwich St Hempstead" written in pen. Back of GAR_000046.

 Corner house behind trees in snow.

 Street with houses on left with trees on right after snow. Figure in lower right.

 View of house from across the street. Man standing on patio on the left side of the house. "Photo by Alex."

 Faded photo of school building partially hidden by trees. Flowers on front walkway. "Photo by Alex." Front of GAR_000052.

 "Catholic School for Girls." "No Good." Back of GAR_000051.

 House from across lawn. Flag pole in center of lawn and pond on the right.

 Shingle sided house behind hedges. "Photo by Alex"

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