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Godwin Photo Album (L84.5.99)

Object Type: Folder
In Folder: Friends of Cedarmere

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"May - 1909 - Roslyn. L.I." Six images. Captions: "Mom [Elizabeth M. Godwin], Pop [Harold Godwin] & the dogs"; "Tiny [Frances B. Godwin], Mom + Frederika Paine"; "[Hilda Catalina Ives de Apezteglirs?]"; "Claire Bird"; "Tiny + Zelena Clark"; "Zelena Clark."  


"Roslyn L.I. June - 1909." Six images. Captions: "[Hallane?] Luck + Leg"; "Léonie Burrill"; "H. Luck"; "Léonie + Leg"; "H. Luck + Pip Morgan"; "Luck + Pip Morgan."  


"Roslyn, L.I., July 1909," "Oyster Bay, L.I., July 1909" and "Roslyn, Sept. '09." Six images. Caption: "Darragh Park hoisting flag on board 'Annie'"; "Darragh + Leg"; "Leg [Frederick M. Godwin] + 'Annie'"; "Lorraine, Luck + Oliver Roosevelt + Musgrave Hyde on the R.'s houseparty"; "Murry [Haftenan?], L.R., O.R., me [Elizabeth Love Godwin] + Musgrave Hyde"; "Scraps + Possum."  

07/1909 and 09/1909

"Roslyn, L.I. Sept. '09." Seven images. Captions: "Aunt Eleanor"; "[Anzonella?] Kane + Tiny [Frances B. Godwin]"; "[Kenneth?] Clinton + Woodbury Seamans"; "Rose Kane"; "N. de C. [Nathalie de Castro] + [Wentury Carpenter, jr?]"; "T. Lorry, R. Kane, Tiny, K. Clinton w. Seamans, Leg [Frederick M. Godwin] + A. Kane"; "Me [Elizabeth Love Godwin] + Reggie Waterbury."  


"Roslyn, L.I., Oct. 09." Eight images. Captions: "Ducks near pond"; Cars practicing on V.C.R. course"; "Men in trees by V.C.R. course to watch Race"; "[On?] the Race, Early Morning [one word, illegible]"; "V.C.R. car rounding the corner after winning"; "Aleo, winning V.C.R."; "Thermo Bottle."  


"Dec. '09. Roslyn, L.I." Four images. Captions: "Playing base ball (sic) at Mrs. Tailer's"; "Leg, [Frederick M. Godwin] N. de C. [Nathalie de Castro], Leta, Mom [Elizabeth M. Godwin]"; "Henry Coit + Woodbury Seamans"; "W. Seamans + Mr. Bruce Brown in background"; "Mr. Bruce Brown, me [Elizabeth Love Godwin], [Name missing, page torn]d Barrows with same [bunch?]".


"Roslyn, May 1910." Six photos. Roslyn, L.I. Captions: "Leg [Frederick M. Godwin], Tiny [Frances B. Godwin], Mr. [Leeson?], Scraps, Bappo, Possum"; "Tiny"; "Aunt Fanny, Mrs. Tailor, Lovey-dog"; "Gardiner Perry, Paul Hammond, Possum"; "Tiny + her Latsy-curls"; "Me, G. Perry."


"Oyster Bay, L.I. May 14, 1910." Six photos, top three of a wedding. Captions: "Taken at Lorraine Roosevelt's + Langdon Warner's Wedding"; "The [circus?] wagon back by [into?] a motor on the well in [town?] of Waldeck"; "(Taken by [illegible] Bruce Brown), [Io?] Seamaus, Hon. Coit + unknown, [illegible] Barreles, last fall"; "Me [Elizabeth Love Godwin] on Marjorie."  


Six photos. "Mineola, L.I., May 1910" Caption: "Mr. C. [Hariman?] in [Leis?] Curtis[s] Biplane." Three images of biplane. "Roslyn, L.I., May 1910." Captions: "Me + S. Williams' dog ['Wargies?']"; "Z. Clark + G. Perry, Chalmers Detroit [automobile]"; "[T?] Paius + dogs."  


"Roslyn, L.I. Houseboat. July 1910 - Mr. Kisco, NY." Seven photos. Captions: "E.V. Connett III, Elsie Park, Tiny [Frances B. Godwin] + [Taurie?] Park"; "E.V. Connett III"; "Celia [Hiffries?]"; "Celia + Campbell [Hiffries?]"; "[Regie Rives?] + Elizabeth Hoyt"; "[Regie Rives?], Grafton [Pylie?], E. Hoyt, [Phill?] Chrystie"; "H. Luck + E. Connett."


"Bayport, L.I. July 1910." Six photos. Captions: "Leg [Frederick M. Godwin], Grafton Chapman, [name, illegible], [Regie?] Rives"; "E.V. Connett 3rd, [Luarioce?], [Ives?] Connett, Helen + Wm."; "Connett's Buick stripped for action"; "'Halo'"; "Love [Elizabeth Love Godwin], Leg + Wm. on the 'Halo'"; "Love, Tiny [Frances B. Godwin], Leg + Wm."  


Six photos. "St. James, L.I. July 1910" Caption: "Leg [Frederick M. Godwin], Eugene, Regie Rives, H. Powell + Grafton Chapman." Newport, Rhode Island. "Newport, R.I., Aug. [1910?]." Caption: "[Auzouella Kaus?]." Heading for lower three images: "Newport, R.I." Captions: [H. Wicbidkar?] in his [Padzaro?]"; "Carroll Winslow in [Stearus?]; "Fountain in Aunt Linda's garden - Bobby, [Gify's d[og]?]."

07/1910 and 08/1910

"Linden Gate. Newport, R.I. Sept. 1910." Six photos. Captions: "Aunt Linda + her dog Rooney + kitten"; "Same"; "[Aurorella?] Kane + Sybil Walker"; "Linden Gate"; "Bobby + [Gify?]"; "Leg [Frederick M. Godwin] on Bridgebrook, Piping Rock Show."


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