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Godwin Photo Album (L84.5.99)

Object Type: Folder
In Folder: Friends of Cedarmere

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Nine photos. New York City. Captions: "Murray Hill Hotel after Tunnel Explosion"; "Grand Central Station after Tunnel Explosion, 1902"; "Murray Hill Hotel after Tunnel Explosion"; "Madison Square Park, Appellate Court House, 1902"; "Godwin Turnout, John, Jim + Harry, Nathalie de Castro + Diana"; "City Hall and Park, 1902"; "Park Avenue Houses after Cave-in, 1902"; "Murray Hill Houses after Explosion"; "Park Avenue Houses after Cave-in."


Nine photos. New York City. Captions: "Madison Square Park"; "Houses, Fifth Avenue + Godwin Brougham near Tree"; "Skating in Central Park"; "Godwin Turnout in Park"; "Skating on Lake, Central Park"; "Central Park in Winter, Statue of Columbus"; "Madison Square, Tall Tower"; "The Mall, Statue of Central Park."  

Seven photos. New York City. Captions: "Central Park, 1901, Crouching Leopard"; "Central Park in Winter"; "Central Park"; Central Park in Winter, Statue of Indian Hunter"; "Bridge on Lake, Central Park"; "Small Lake, Synagogue on 5th Ave and 72nd St."; "The Mall, Central Park."  


Nine photos, Captions: "N.G. [Nora Godwin], Double Rolling Chairs, Atlantic City, (Mitchells)"; "N.G., On the Boardwalk at Atlantic City"; "N.G., Mr. + Mrs. J.A. Mitchell, Dr. + Mrs. Beem, Atlantic City, 1902"; "N.G., A Meeting on Boardwalk, Atlantic City"; "N.G., Freddy Godwin [Frederick M. Godwin] on Pony in Distance, Atlantic City"; "N.G., A Nice Morning, Atlantic City"; Ponies + Goats for Hire, Atlantic City"; "N.G., Bessie [Elizabeth M.] Godwin in Rolling Chair"; "N.G., Ponies + Carts for Hire, Atlantic City."


Nine photos. New York City. Captions: "New Wing, Metropolitan Museum"; "Madison Square"; "Ed. Cooper House, Washington Square"; "Pond in Central Park"; Madison Square"; "Synagogue from Central Park"; "Madison Ave + 37th Street and [Liv K?]"; "Small Lake, Central Park"; "[Branch?] Armory, Park Ave + 34th St."  

Nine photos. New York City. Captions: "Gramercy Park"; "19 East 37th + Turnout" ; "Madison Square"; "Synagogue + Park Lake"; Madison Square"; "Central Park Lake"; "Marquand House, Bessie [Elizabeth M. Godwin] + [space blank]"; "19 E. 37th, Godwin Turnout"; "11 E. 68, Bessie's Horse + Trip [Trap?]."  

Nine photos. New York City. Captions: "Marquand House"; "[Pon's?] House + H. White's"; "1 Lexington Avenue"; "Diana of the Crossways"; "Hunt Memorial"; "Diana of the Crossways"; "Hunt Memorial"; "Mrs. F. Scott, [three other names, illegible]"; "Hunt Memorial." Center row, left- and right-hand images are of dog on a bed.  

Nine photos. Upper right- and left-hand image is of Hunt Memorial. Van Cortlandt Park. Polo players on horseback. Dog in center image. Captions: "Hunt Memorial"; "Tenement Clothes Lines from Elevated Train"; "Hunt Memorial"; "Sky Scrappers"; "Diana of the Crossways"; "Van Courtland [sic] Park"; "Polo at Van Courtland [sic] Park, Squadron A"; "Polo of Squadron A"; "Van Courtland [sic] Park."

Seven photos. Van Cortlandt Park. Polo players and horses. Captions: "Van Courtland [sic] Park, Squadron A"; "Van Courtland [sic] Park, Squadron A"; "Horses of Squadron A"; "Horses of Squadron A"; "Polo of Squadron A"; "Polo at Van Courtland [sic]."

"Winstead + Norfork [sic]." Nine photos. Winstead and Norfolk, Connecticut. Captions: "[The?] Gardens Fountain at Norfork [sic]"; "Public Library at Norfork [sic]"; "Old House, Winstead, Conn."; "At Norfork [sic], Conn."; "Theodore Moses House at Norfolk"; "At Norfolk"; "Mr. Carl [Strecker's?] House"; "Old Place at Winstead, Conn."; "Near Norfork [sic]."  

"Bedford, 1902." Nine photos. Bedford, NY. Captions: "Apple Tree in Blossom"; "Dr. J. Vanderpoet at Bedford"; "House on Hillside"; "Near Mount. Kisco"; "Cemetery at [no caption]"; "Big Tree at Mt. Kisco"; "Porch at H. Marquand's"; "Burning Brush at Bedford, Mrs. H. Marquand, Dr. Vanderpoet, Mrs. Gifford"; "H. Marquand's House at Bedford."


"Southampton, 1902." Nine photos. Southampton, NY. Captions: "House + Hedge at Southampton"; "Boy and Kitten"; "View from Mrs. Howland's Porch"; "Howland House + Trap"; "Judge Howland"; "Near Watermill"; "Miss [Anny Townstead?], Mrs. Howland in Trap"; "Sea at Southampton"; "Howland House, [Fannie?] Howland."


"Easthampton." Nine photos. Easthampton, NY. Captions: "Millfield"; "Dorothy Manson + Trap"; "Porch at Millfield, Mrs. [Grool?]"; "Village Street"; "Manson's House"; "Village Street"; "Stable at Millfield"; "Millfield"; "Mill + Field."

"Easthampton, L.I." Nine photos. Captions: [Presh, short for Presbyterian?] Church, Main St."; "Inlet at Wainscot [sic]; "House at Easthampton"; "Episcopal Church, Easthampton"; "Manson's House"; "Hill at Millfield, Mrs. [T.?] Manson"; "Manson's Field + Mill"; "Tennis at Golf Club, Marquand + Walter [Damrosah?]"; "Graveyard at Easthampton."

Nine photos. Sag Harbor, L.I. Captions: "Manson + Woodhouse Traps"; "Entrance [H., short for House?] Millfield"; "Fish Pond near Sag Harbor"; "Near Sag Harbor"; "Mrs. Manson's Trap"; "Fish Pond near Sag Harbor"; "Chickens near Fish Pond."

"Wainscot [sic], L.I." Nine photos. Wainscott, L.I. Captions: "A. Hester House"; "Thomas pere, Thomas fils, Thomas child, Thomas wife"; "A. Hester's Laundry at Wainscott"; "Thomas Landing Place"; "Mrs. Greer Sailing"; "Pomeroy's Sailboat, E. Simmons at [Wain, short for Wainscott?]"; "A. Hester's Lodge, Wainscot [sic?]"; "Mr. James Henry, Mrs. James Henry, Mrs. [T.?] Manson, Dr. Thomas"; "Rodebush Bungalow."

"Tuxedo." Seven photos. Tuxedo, NY. Captions: "Joseph Howland Hunt"; "H.W. Poor's Residence"; "Henry W. Poor's Residence"; "Grace [Pollui?], [H.W. Sampson?], [C. Nachinos?], H.W. Poor, Mrs. Poor, N. Godwin [Nora Godwin], Pamela + Joe [Hinds?]"; "Fountain on Terrace."

Seven photos. Estate with people. Upper left- and right-hand photos are blue. Captions: "[C. Machino?], C. Sampson, Mrs. Poor + E. [Hewitt?]"; "Steps + [Loggia?]"; "[Grace Polli?], C. Sampson, [C. Machino?], Henry Poor, Pamela + J. Hunt"; "Doorway at Mr. Poor's, [C. Machino?], C. Sampson, Mrs. Poor + Edward [Hewitt?]"; "House from Terrace."  

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