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Godwin Photo Album c. 1911-21

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"Cedar Mere," Roslyn L.I. Nov. 1912. Captions: "Millie Rives and Chrystie"; "Léonie Burrill"; "John Suydam, Bob Breese, Mom [Elizabeth M. Godwin], Cecil St. George, Helen Rives, Millie, Mrs. R. and Tiny [Frances B. Godwin]"; "Alan and Azie Fullerton"; "Fullertons"; "Same bunch."

4/5/20, 6:37 PM

Five photos of soldiers training or camping. Upper left-hand photo is of soldiers in a tent caravan.  

4/5/20, 6:39 PM

Seven photos, soldiers training or camping. Upper left-hand photo is a man in uniform on horseback.

4/5/20, 6:42 PM

"Dec. 1912. Roslyn, L.I." and Atlantic City, Feb. 1913." Captions: "Tiny [Frances B. Godwin], Harford Powell, and Azie"; "Tiny and Azie"; "Cooper Bryce"; "Claire Bird, Tiny, Michael Herbert. Azie + Linda Morgan"; "Léonie Burrill"; "L.B. Hotel Brighton"; "Boardwalk"; "L.B."

4/5/20, 6:44 PM

Roslyn, L.I. and Nahant, Massachusetts. June 1911. Lunch party. Elizabeth Love Godwin on horse. Two images of small dog. Captions: "L.G. [Elizabeth Love Godwin] on Sunlight"; "'Guignol.' Small dog presented to Tiny [Frances B. Godwin] at boat races. We gave him to Natalie Duncan"; "Ditto to Pope Hartford"; "Lunch party. Top row: Elliot Cross, Harry Alexander, Léonie Burrill. 2nd row: Jack Hollins, Edith Mortimer, Roger Poor, Marshall Russell, and M. Hely Hutchinson"; "Edith Mortimer"; "Léonie Burrill and Tiny Wright at Mrs. Wright's house."  

4/5/20, 6:37 PM

Roslyn, L.I., May 1911. "Cedar Mere." Frances Bryant and Elizabeth Love Godwin on horseback. Frederick M. Godwin with friends. Captions: "Tiny [Frances B. Godwin] on Cock Robin"; "Cock Robin"; "L.G. [Elizabeth Love Godwin] on Sunlight"; "F.M.G. [Frederick M. Godwin], Gus Noël, Cully Miller, Tiny, and Noël Johnston"; "Magnolia tree in bloom"; "Cully Miller."  

4/5/20, 6:41 PM

Newport Harbor, July 1911. Yacht "Whim." Captions: "H. Marquand and R.K.W., A. Noël peering over a chair"; "Pop [Harold Godwin] and Tiny [Frances B. Godwin]"; "F.M.G. [Frederick M. Godwin]"; "Deck and crew of 'Whim'"; "Yacht 'Electra'"; "Tiny."

4/5/20, 6:39 PM

"Roslyn, L.I., July 1911 and Newport Harbor." Kitty Schermerhorn, Frances B. Godwin, Elizabeth Love Godwin, Frederick M. Godwin, H. Marquand and others on houseboat and yacht. Captions: "Kitty Schermerhorn, Tiny [Frances B. Godwin], Reggie Waterbury and F.M.G. [Frederick M. Godwin] Top of house boat"; "Would be sunset at Port Jefferson, L.I. from yacht 'Whim'"; "K.S., L.G. [Elizabeth Love Godwin], R.K.W., and F.M.G. on house boat"; "H. Marquand on 'Whim'"; R.K. Waterbury - ditto"; "F.M.G. and Al Noël. Ditto."

4/5/20, 6:44 PM

Newport, R.I. and Bailey's Beach. August 1911. Captions: "Aunt Katy And Mom [Elizabeth M. Godwin]. 'Linden Gate'"; "Aunt Linda, Mrs. Hourigan, and Uncle Eric - having tea on terrace. 'Linden Gate'"; Rigo and Bobby. ;Linden Gate'"; "Stuart Rand and Muriel Winthrop"; "M.W."; "Ditto."

4/5/20, 6:36 PM

Roslyn, L.I., September 1911. "Cedar Mere." Frances B. Godwin and Linda Morgan. Captions: "Pond at 'Cedar Mere'"; "'Cedar Mere'"; "F.B.G. on bridge over pond. Cedar Mere"; "Linda Morgan"; "Possum, Beppino, F.B.G."; "Linda Morgan."

4/5/20, 6:40 PM

Roslyn, L.I., Sept. and Oct. 1911. "Cedar Mere." Captions: "Harford Powel and Linda Morgan"; "Same"; "Jumping classes at Piping Rock Horse Show"; "Jumping at Piping Rock Horse Show."

4/5/20, 6:41 PM

Roslyn, L.I. Oct. 1911. Piping Rock Horse Show. Captions: "Sunlight - L.G's [Elizabeth Love Godwin's] horse"; "Ditto"; "Ditto and F.B.G. [Frances B. Godwin]"; "Emily Randolph and Mr. Hitch. Cock on Jolly Dixon and Coronet. Piping Rock Show"; "Lunch party at Cedar Mere. Leta Wright, Tulia Newbold, Claire Bird, Z. Clark, Léonie Burrill, 2 Hollins, G. Whitney"; "Celia Higgins and Jeff Newbold."

4/5/20, 6:39 PM

"'Cedar Mere' - Roslyn, L.I., Dec. 1911." Captions: "Léonie Burrill and Marshall Russell"; "Harry Forster, Leta Wright, Jeff Newbold, Tiny [Frances B. Godwin], and Marshall Russell"; "Dick Whitney"; Mr. and Mrs. R. Stuyvesant Pierrepont. Taken just after they were married"; Tiny, N. de C.P. [ Nathalie de Castro Pierrepont], L.G. [Elizabeth Love Godwin] and Betty Moffat"; "Conservatory."  

4/5/20, 6:38 PM

"Jan. 1st 1912. 'Whitegate Farm', Bedford Hills, NY." and "Jan. 1912. Spain." Captions: "F.M.G. [Frederick M. Godwin] in D. Park's Hudson"; "Meet of the beagles"; "Automobile which we went in from Algecias to Cadiz"; "Seville. In the gardens of the Alcazar. Tiny [Frances B. Godwin] on steps of fountain. Mom and Pop [Elizabeth M. Godwin and Harold Godwin] in the distance"; Seville. Gardens of Alcazar."  

4/5/20, 6:43 PM

 Jan. 1912, Spain. "Seville Pavillion [sic] of Charles V in gardens of the Alcazar"; "Serville. Pavillion [sic] of Charles V. Alcazar"; "Seville. House of Pilate"; "Granada. Fortifications of the Alhambra"; "Granada. Peasants in front of Palace of Charles V. Alhambra"; "Granada. Court of the Myrtle. Alhambra."

4/5/20, 6:42 PM

Jan. 1912, Spain. "Granada. Court of the Lions. Alhambra." Etc, etc.  

1/1/12, 12:00 AM

Jan. 1912. Spain. Captions: "Granada View of the Vega"; "Ronda. Hotel Reina Victoria"; "Ronda. Dr. Shelton and guide"; "Ronda. View for old Moorish house"; "Ronda"; "Ronda."

4/5/20, 6:45 PM

Jan. 1912. Ronda, Spain. No individual photo captions.

4/5/20, 6:44 PM

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