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Godwin Photo Album c. 1911-21

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In Folder: Friends of Cedarmere

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Genoa, April 1912. Captions: "F.B.G. [Frances B. Godwin] and Stellina"; "View from our window," Maderia, Jan. 1912. Captions: "Ma [Elizabeth M. Godwin], Mrs. Rhinelander, L.G. [Elizabeth Love Godwin], F.B.G."; "F.B.G., L.G., Ma, Mrs. R., Mr. Dresel, F. King, Frederica Rhinelander, and Pa [Harold Godwin]"; "F.B.G." SS Cincinnati, Apr. 1912. Captions: "L.G. and Stellina"; "3rd Class having a dance."

01/1912 and 04/1912

April 1912. Captions: "Shuffleboard on S.S. Cincinnati"; "Stellina and Pa [Harold Godwin] on S.S. Cincinnati"; "New York Harbor for S.S. Cincinnati"; "Battleship Missouri. N.Y. Harbor from S.S. Cincin"; "N.Y." Roslyn, L.I. Caption: "Beppo, Possum, F.M.G. [Frederick M. Godwin] and Stellina."  


"April 1912, Cedar Mere, Roslyn, L.I." Captions: "G. Ganna, Marchesa Imperiali, Miss de Rosa and F.M.G. [Frederick M. Godwin]"; "I. de Rosa and Pa [Harold Godwin]"; "Tiny [Frances B. Godwin], de Rosa, Ganna, 2 Imperialis, F.M.G. and Ma [Elizabeth M. Godwin]"; "G. Ganna."  


"May 1912, Roslyn, L.I." Captions: "'Cedar Mere.' Tiny [Frances B. Godwin] in canoe"; "Gymkana at Piping Rock"; "Possum and Beppino"; "Mary Canfield, N.D., Tookie, Laura C. and Tiny"; "Ditto, minus Tiny."


"May 1912, Roslyn, L.I." Captions: "Marchesa Imperiali, Tiny [Frances B. Godwin], Elizabeth Turnure, N. de C.P. [Nathalie de Castro Pierrepont]"; "Tiny, de Rosa, Jack Rutherford, G. Chapman, Imperiali, and Uncle Harry"; "Before explosion"; "Sunlight"; "Sunlight"; "Golden Rod Cottage."


May 1912, "Cedar Mere," Roslyn, L.I. Caption: "Ma [Elizabeth M. Godwin], dogs, and dog wood."


June 1912, "Cedar Mere," Roslyn, L.I. Captions: "Linda Morgan and Beppo"; "Ditto"; "Gus Noël and F.M.G. [Frederick M. Godwin] on the desert isle"; "Bill Emory and Tiny [Frances B. Godwin]"; "Nathalie Pierrepont and Hallam Tuck"; "F.M.G. and Harford Powel."


July 1912, Roslyn, L.I. Captions: "F.B.G. [Frederick M. Godwin] and Cock Robin"; "John Suydam and L.G. [Elizabeth Love Godwin]"; "Billy Emory on Jemina and F.M.G. on Cock Robin." Aug. 1912, York Harbor, Maine. Captions: "Florence Hayes"; "Mathilde Whitridge (2)." Roslyn, L.I. Oct. 1912. "Anzonella McVickar, F.B.G. [Frances B. Godwin], Evelyn Curtis, and Elizabeth Turnure."

07/1912, 08/1912, and 10/1912

Piping Rock Horse Show. October 1912. Captions: "Lida Louise Fleitman on 'Gypsy Queen'"; "E. Turnure"; "F.B.G. [Frederick B. Godwin] on Cock Robin"; "Judging hunters." Cedar Mere, Roslyn. Caption: "Edith Baker and Claire Biro." Whitegates Farm, Bedford Hills. No caption.


October 1912. Bedford Hills, NY. Captions: "Whitegates Farm"; "Whitegates Farm"; "Whitegates Farm."  


Seven photos, soldiers training or camping. Upper left-hand photo is a man in uniform on horseback.

Five photos of soldiers training or camping. Upper left-hand photo is of soldiers in a tent caravan.  

"Dec. 1912. Roslyn, L.I." and Atlantic City, Feb. 1913." Captions: "Tiny [Frances B. Godwin], Harford Powell, and Azie"; "Tiny and Azie"; "Cooper Bryce"; "Claire Bird, Tiny, Michael Herbert. Azie + Linda Morgan"; "Léonie Burrill"; "L.B. Hotel Brighton"; "Boardwalk"; "L.B."

12/1912 and 02/1913

"Cedar Mere," Roslyn L.I. Nov. 1912. Captions: "Millie Rives and Chrystie"; "Léonie Burrill"; "John Suydam, Bob Breese, Mom [Elizabeth M. Godwin], Cecil St. George, Helen Rives, Millie, Mrs. R. and Tiny [Frances B. Godwin]"; "Alan and Azie Fullerton"; "Fullertons"; "Same bunch."


"Atlantic City, Feb. 1913 and April 1913, Ceder Mere, Roslyn, L.I.: Captions: "Hotel Brighton"; "L.B., L.G. [Elizabeth Love Godwin], and Julian Wright. Golf Club"; "Golf Club"; "L.G. and J.W."; "Tiny [Frances B. Godwin], Millie Rives, Muriel Winthrop, and Helen Rives"; "Tiny Wright"; "N. Noël in the S.G.V."  

02/1913 and 04/1913

"April 1913, Roslyn, L.I." Captions: "Gus Noël, C. St. George, Julian Wright, Helen Rives, N. Noël"; "J. Wright, C. St. George, H. Rives, N. Noël and Tiny [Frances B. Godwin]"; "Same bunch. Me [Elizabeth Love Godwin], too." May 1913. Captions: "R. Rives + M. Russell on roof"; "H. McVickar, A. Dana, F.M.G. [Frederick M. Godwin]"; "Mary R. Pierrepont."  

04/1913 and 05/1913

Oakfield. Gateacre, England, July 1914. Captions: "Geraldine - Vi and Connie"; "Walter M."; "Viola, Vi M."; "Llangollen, Wales"; "En Route. Windermere - Edinburgh."


July 1914, Edinburgh, St. Andrews. Captions: "Holyrood Castle"; "F.M.G. [Frederick M. Godwin]"; "St. A."; "Pop [Harold Godwin], Mom, F.M.G."; "Golf Club. Ancient and Royal. St. A."; "Golf course"; "Mom [Elizabeth M. Godwin]"; "Motor-cycle [sic] races. St. A."


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